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future of the game.

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  • future of the game.

    sense it is public knowledge by now.. what is R2Games going to do for wartune and their other games sense Flash will be discontinued in December of 2020?

    i know R2 is a hosting platform for 7Road and such and there are located in china.. so hopefully some one will will see this and have the anwsers we all want to know about the games R2 hosts and flash being discontinued in a few short months.

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    They already posted about this before.

    Wartune and Wartune Reborn will remain accessible via the R2 client. The Flash plugin is entirely for the browser "only" and is not applicable to the stand-alone R2 client.
    If its about security that you are concerned about with regards to Flash being permanently removed from the internet in December 2020, R2 standalone client will provide alternatives for that as they had always said about the client, "It will continue to be optimized."

    Other than that, we'll just have to wait and see for further updates.
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      Sticky thread in Wartune Reborn News and Events:
      Sticky thread in Official Announcements:

      The only question that can't be answered right now is regarding Mac users, as the clients are only compatible with Windows at this time.
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