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  • Feud?

    I may be wrong, but I think Wartune and Reborn were created by 7Road. Then they made some kind of deal with R2Games to run it for them. Something went wrong between them...7Road left in a back door where they could disable the game. Now they are offering the ONLY way to get back into the game and reclaim your character. Just my opinion.

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    from what i read there contract was up and 7 road was not getting paid from what i interpeted


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      [nope, that's not what any of the announcements said]. (my this post also going to be get deleted by R2 like last time) HQ and 7Road in a Legal war. No one knows why R2 not taking any action or not updating anything about what just happend aand what going to be happen, HQ said they need 2 week.
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        they r not gonna say anything cuz they just took r money an ran


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          There's no news because it's a holiday. I'm not actively posting all day long right now because I'm tired. Most people chose not to read anything posted here for 9 years, and then one post goes on some brand new website and everyone is like: That's definitely the truth!

          Can I have a blue pill too?
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            To be honest, before they (7road) begin to terminate fully the contract, they should have made possible amends with R2 if this company wants to extend it or not in terms of negotiations, but instead they just dragged it out forcibly like a bully. you no pay, time's up, i beat u up type of routine. its horrible. not even a shed of consideration for the holidays.
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