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  • welp....

    so i checked forus to find out why game is my unsurprise i read gm orlenes post

    To the developers of Wartune and Wartune Reborn- Stop your theft!!!
    10-04-2020, 12:30 PM

    Hello, players of Wartune and Wartune Reborn from R2 Games, Gamerocks and Armor Games.

    Some players have reported to the team about an unnotified event in the game, providing personal information in exchange for rewards. We then reached out to our authorized partner, Game Hollywood in the first place for clarification of any kind.

    Yesterday, our customer service contact had been maliciously modified and at one point, the game was unable to log in.

    Game Hollywood informed us that these suspicious actions were related to the operations of 7 Road, developer of Wartune and Wartune Reborn.

    We, R2 Games and you, the players, the partners, are dismayed by this behavior of 7 Road. At the same time, we understand that this approach of 7 Road soliciting privacy and platform user data has been conducted on multiple sites and platforms.

    We feel grateful for the support of all players and all game platforms, that Wartune and Wartune Reborn brings a lot of joy to the community. However, all of this cannot make up for the fact that the game developer attempt to obtain personal information of all users through deception and trickery without informing the players and us.

    We suggest all players must protect their personal information from the risk of exposure of any form. If you are a victim of this event, please contact us with no hesitation. The team will collect necessary info and conduct a positive discussion with 7 Road in order to protect the rights and interests of all our players and ensure the order of the game will be restored under appropriate legal means.

    We also advise 7 Road immediately stop any infringements and violations on the rights of players and the platforms!

    If you need assistance, please email us at

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    so here we go again but please stop all this shock and disbelief we all know yall steal and yet we all still play the games. just be honest and save the act.

    this happens every few years with r2 and of corse its always someone else. just stop already we know you sell info its common knowledge we still log in and play like addicts... but after the 2013 one with kabam (r2 denies they were involved in that one to) I learned to get protection and be more secure.

    In late 2015, the gaming website R2Games was hacked and more than 2.1 million personal records disclosed. The vBulletin forum included IP addresses and passwords stored as salted hashes using a weak algorithm implementation enabling many to be rapidly cracked.


    Breach Date2017-01-01

    now 2020 lol yall are at least constant and timed.

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    Data breach from years ago is not relevant. It's been addressed a number of times on the forum since then. The original breach was a vB4 exploit, and we updated the forum to vB5, which is terrible and broken. The second round was a re-circulation of the data from the first round. I saw the pastebin, my password was the same in both, even though it's been changed many times.

    This wasn't a data breach. Keep an eye on News and Events. When R2 has all of the pieces to this puzzle and how this whole mess affects us on this platform, there will be another announcement.
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      it is the same actually because your company allowed it to happen. theft is theft any info breached ,stolen or used IS relevant.
      just because this is a different style of theft doesn't mean it isn't relevant.

      and my password and user info was different in both so it wasnt just recirculated. maybe yours was but you cant speak about what others had ,only yourself.

      this situation reminds me of the kabam debacle so will be interesting to see how it unfolds but there is no shocking new stuff coming out of this just same ole routine from r2 and your partners.

      send players top game of thrones not just dragon awaken we need more meat for the infantry bubble is soon to drop