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is wartune / wartune reborn dead? please respond

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  • is wartune / wartune reborn dead? please respond

    first off i'd like to say i am currently playing wartune reborn on Steam

    and i noticed that there are some R2 Server Players on wartune reborn and would like to know if and or when we can return to our old accounts... i miss my guildies. and sad truth is i may never find them again. other reasons is there was a lot of time years worth put into wartune and reborn. and i hate to see it all go to waste...

    can a GM or admin (not mod) respond to this. and let us know if there is a snow balls chance of getting our accounts back? im prepared to go to a dead server if it means having my progress returned.

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    No, a GM or Admin will not respond. GMs are not in charge of the forum, and Admins have left the job of responding to forum posts to Mods.

    Wartune and Wartune Reborn are no longer being hosted by R2. R2 has no affiliation with anyone else who may be hosting Wartune or Wartune Reborn, nor can R2 assist with accounts related to such. I would recommend reaching out to the game's support if you have questions related to the game or a game account.

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