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  • Originally posted by R2_Stormaggedon View Post
    With the release of several new games in the last few weeks, we are now looking to recruit more Moderators for the forums to handle these news games, as well as our current games. If you are interested in being a Moderator, please post an application here. We'll go through the posting history of those who apply here to see if we think they'll make a suitable candidate. Things we will be looking for are:
    • A history of being active on the forums.
    • A track record of being helpful and respectful to other players in their posts.
    • Guides the applicant may have posted.
    • Patience, the ability to work with others and be understanding.
    • Be 18 years of age or older.

    If you are interested, please respond below and include the game you play along with your time zone. Thank you!
    i am more then happy to be a forum mod or even a r2mentor i play wartunes for several hours a day and have for a few years now


    • Greetings to you all.

      I'm Bianca and I'm 18 years old. I have a keen interest of being a moderator in Lunaria Story. I have been playing this game for a long time, so I want to test the knowledge I have forged from being an old player on there. I currently reside at server 55 and my name on there is Sylvia_51. I'm always on there, so i might even record the stuff happening there. I hope that you think about this carefully. Thanks and have a nice day.


      • Be moderator.


        I'm loa player on s252 in us player and s26 and s28 on loa fr, i play every day at european zone.

        For me the moderator status is a status OFFICIAL, moderators are appointed by R2-Games.
        The ideal moderator is one who always knows how to separate things.
        Moderators are players like us who are usually invisible assets
        They are there to help ensure that everyone can play in the rules of elementary courtesy, basically calm the player a bit upset that carries more than reason and whose vocabulary transcends the limits of acceptability.
        They will ensure namely preventing the crafty attempt to abuse some players too confident in their partners.
        Their role is to make prevention among players by making them aware of the risks they face if they do not respect the rules of LOA, in order to prevent them from being punished.
        To maintain a good atmosphere at stake, moderators have a few tools at their disposal I suppose you provide them, for example: see posts by the same user, regardless of the nicknames he chooses. However, they did not at any time access the full IP address of users; they can however check that two messages were sent from the same IP address or know the approximate from the user.

        In short it is a caregiver to supervise the members in terms of discipline, supporting the forum administrators.
        A moderator is a person responsible for implementing the Charter and its own rules about a particular forum, it decides épinglages, and exclusions but can not banish.

        For me the subject of moderation is not censorship, but improving the quality of exchanges by deleting the contributions deemed harmful to the community.
        The role of the moderators is crucial because they are responsible for the proper conduct of trade between Member and I am ready to invest myself immensely to seeing this many conflicts between players, insults threats etc ... which just spoils the want to play, often the world is polluted canal after cdo eg between clans.
        Finally, the job of a moderator is not simple, because it is necessary to distinguish personal judgment and community judgment. But I feel capable, I am able to diplomacy, interpersonal skills, analytical skills and technical knowledge of the game. You see that I play on two French waiters and us.

        Hoping to join your team to which I will invest 100%, I'd love to have this experience, I do not lack motivation, or time.

        Excuse me, I have not responded to your request administrator role or vaguely; Administrators are developers or designers who are changing the game. They are above the moderator as I said above, while the moderators deal to help players if needed.

        We must address them first.
        If they can not answer, they will ask the help of the directors who, themselves, are not present in the game.
        The moderators of the forum are also involved (delete, move topics, etc.), bans (the ban is the expulsion of the forum and messaging for bad behavior or non-compliance with the rules of the game, it can be permanent or temporary depending on the offense), the topics to inform players and also everything concerning the little problems (answer their questions and guide them on the forum for information, monitor topics to avoid skids or profanity etc).
        The moderating team includes all major adults and all volunteers who therefore have the same powers as the directors and must be accountable to them.

        Please believe in my sincere greetings and hope to read you soon.
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        • I am active in Wartunes S2 and Shadowbound S1. I am on these games everyday and love helping others. My char name on Wartunes is Caira and Brea on Shadowbound. I am 59 yrs and in the centeral time zone so I play either east or west time zones. I would love to be a moderator. Thanks


          • application


            i am 30 years old and currently play on several servers of mythborne and i am very understanding and helpful towards players. My time zone is +1 gmt dublin


            • Hi GM Stormaggedon...Please include me as a very interested applicant for Moderator. I'm a returning player of Blood & Jade on Server S21 UTC+3:00. Playing R2 games is my favorite past time after work. I'd love to interact with other players in the server whether guild members, allies or foes.


              <Deathsaga> <S21>


              • ill apply again maybe this time it will happen...maybe some new blood in here and a different attitude


                • ok I've applied for the other forms too i'm 35 turning 36 this year i'm on ssdi so i have plenty of time to do what ever i can for kabam or to make wartune a great game that it is i'm in kabam west 125 but i live in the central time zone in Wisconsin so i have plenty of time to do this and post and i use to work in retail so i know how to be calm in any situation i also would like a chance to get with the development team for wartune to give them ideas to improve the game
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                  • is the application stage still open i hope so if not i understand but thank you for letting me apply for it and not just simply taking it off


                    • hello im interest in becoming a forum mod , i enjoy helping people
                      Game: Shadowbound
                      Server: [S63] Haybluff Keep
                      IGN: Sephiroth
                      BR: 2.9m
                      Class: Lv 80 Hunter
                      Guild: INSOMNIACS


                      • Originally posted by R2114358589 View Post
                        is the application stage still open i hope so if not i understand but thank you for letting me apply for it and not just simply taking it off
                        Moderator applications are a forever thing. There's two things we specifically look for before we will contact you with further information about becoming a moderator- we look for the game you play, and how active and helpful you are on the forum.
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                        • i'm having a problem and maybe you can help me out i would love to help people but i keep an eye on the forms but when ever i have a chance to respond some one ealse beats me to it is there a way to get ahead of


                          • I am 34, i dont work i am on disability.. I play wartune on kabam. s125 server. I am on central time. I have been helping people out as they go when they need it.. I love to help people and to come up with new ideas on how to help people


                            • Hello I Would Love To Be Mentor I Play Nova Genesis Server S4 Aurora I am online all the time and I am very pacient and I love to help people so give me a heads up if you can accept me


                              • Hello .
                                Im Interested to be a Moderator .
                                Also I played many online games such as : LoA , Wartune , Hon & Etc .
                                Now im waiting your respond .
                                Best Regards
                                SummerBorn .
                                My Name Will Shake The World .
                                If You Trust God & Yourself , .. Thats Enough .