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  • Originally posted by kurtchin123 View Post
    I`am Proudly represent my COUNTRY PHILIPPINES and I`am Interested of Being MENTOR
    Winterfrost mentor applications need to be submitted through the link posted in this thread:
    New R2 Community Discord Server:

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    Some inboxes are broken, including mine. Please don't send me private messages at this time.

    Rules of the Forum are found here.

    R2Games Ticket System for browser games:


    • I play Mythborne and am interested in being a mentor time zone pacific coast (canada, west)


      • I am interested

        I enjoy playing r2games, communicating with other players and making new friends. i started off by playing wartunes when i first joined r2games and now i am currently playing mythborne, which i enjoy playing most. i have helped other players and answered questons whenever i am being asked. i will be happy to assist other players if i am given an opportunity to do so. my time zone, eastern caribbean time zone UTC-04:00.


        • i am interested in becoming a moderator, i play on kabam wartune all different servers ranging from server 55 to 125 i play everyday for almost 12 hrs a day 7 days a week i've been playing this game for all most 3 yrs and i would love the chance to show my experience in the game


          • I am interested in becoming a moderator, i play nova genesis on server 53 and 71 and i am active everydays.... my time zone is like at server 71 ty for read


            • Hi Mam/Sir Can i Apply ? i answer all question that u will ask and also plss reply on me


              • I am interested of been moderator. I playing Shadowbound S58 server and i am active. I hoping i can help there on some way. For any other informations please contact me true mail.


                • Greetings r2games, I am interested in helping the community about strategies and game system, I take a long time playing shadowbound and I would like to share my knowledge with those who want to learn more about the game, about patience ... I think this game is fun because you can talk to people from different places and share ideas so i think i have it.

                  note: I Have a guide about the game and i would like Share with GM.

                  I have 22 years, my time zone is GMT - 4:30

                  I play on shadowbound


                  • I am applying because I have the time and the desire to to assist as needed. All you need to do. is contact me for additional information. *email removed for privacy*
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                    • Good Day From Philippines
                      I am applying for the moderators applicant.
                      I`m Jude Jayms Ong
                      25 Years old
                      Live in Davao City, Philippines

                      Currently Playing :
                      LEAGUE of ANGELS
                      AGE of TITANS

                      League of angels :
                      server's :
                      [S208] Saphirecoast
                      Lv 71 Liisii : 850k Br
                      Lv 62 DRACH : 450K Br
                      [S275] Spiderweb Falls
                      Lv 36JessaNae 28K Br New

                      Mythborne :
                      Server : Blackfathom Keep
                      Lv 69 Caintor 1.7k BR
                      Lv 60 Lizarine 1.3k BR

                      Age of Titans :
                      Server :Olympus
                      Lv 96 890k Powerforce

                      - Being a player we started from a low level.
                      when I starting to build much more higher BR.
                      I am helping the new player's in Team Dungeon and Team Arena
                      and guiding them to what things to do
                      and appreciate their achievements.
                      and by saying thank you and welcome
                      much appreciate by any players.

                      Thank you.

                      for any comment or suggestion.
                      or other requirements needed.
                      please do email or drop some message at the box thanks.


                      • Demon1
                        server 310
                        Playing Wartune
                        I Can talk nice to people who are nice to me..


                        • i would like to be a mentor i play wartune server 426...eastern time..aka New York


                          • Originally posted by DragonStryke2 View Post
                            i would like to be a mentor i play wartune server 426...eastern time..aka New York
                            This is not a thread for Mentor applications. For Mentor applications, see here:
                            "The trolls of the Ramtops call her Aaoograha hoa ("She Who Must Be Avoided")
                            and the dwarf name for her, K'ez'rek d'b'duz, translates to "Go Around the Other Side of the Mountain."

                            On holiday. Please refer any issues to


                            • i play winterfrost lagacy
                              s20 GMT+5
                              ALSO wartune
                              server 310


                              • i play on wartune and dragons of atlantis everyday and i would like to be a mentor i play on them everyday and i'm on for all most 10 r 12 hrs a day so i would love to considered for the job