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  • Interesting to become moderator. I play League of Angels more then a year on server 77, lvl89 IGN namigusa, my time zone GMT+1. Im active player, playing everyday about 4-5 hours.Since Im IT engineer I spend most of my time on PC so I would be able to help alot. Would love to share mz knowledge with other players..
    Thank u
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    • i am playing nova gensis right now server is s1 my time is utc + 5:00


      • Parden me everyone my Name is Arleoia some call me by nicknames like Leoa and Leo i've started a Guild Called ChaoWolves in hopes of helping people out but it's hard at first for them but i have learned the concept of (word used to know how to understand while under stress) and i wish to be a Ingame moderator for server(S589):labyrinth of Addorna I truthful don't post at all on forums of any kind due to the honest fact that i like being ingame to help out i've played luague of Angels and Wartune(which is what i only currently play now due to the fact that wartune is being hacked and i wish to stop it from boggen down the server(S) performance and my age is 20 years birth date is 7/1/1994 and i wish to learn as i go while playing wartune: Experince is as follows ingame observer for possible game improvements and ingame testing for Game problem testing.

        Time of post 7:42 real time usa central standard time and 20:42 ingame server time on thursday the 4th of June of 6/4/2015
        If will to make contact please Email me at [removed for your security]

        please note that Emails arin't read on sundays so please permit time for me to get to them thank and have a Blessed week.
        Referred by (R2Mentor) as He/OR She helps me Alot some times
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        • Hello,

          I would be interested in becoming a moderator on the forum. I have been on a forum 'committee' in the past, and I enjoy helping others. I've also owned my own forum for little over a year, so would just need a few 'refreshers' if need be on the back end of forum if need be.

          I'm currently playing wartune, and a little bit of Shadowbound here and there, but have played Eternal Saga and Crystal Saga (on different platform) in the past. I enjoy helping others where I can, and I'm online a lot of the time anyway. My timezone is AEST (GMT+11).

          Please if you could check my IP in regards to my posts, as I have another couple of accounts I use for my games, and tend to just log into forum on which ever account I'm playing on at the time. If I am considered, please if you could PM me on my 'main' forum account, as I'm on here fairly often.

          Thank you, and hoping to hear from you soon.
          Play too many games.. a few know me as Liberti, others know me as Squishy... lets stick with that


          • Hello, I play mostly LoA but play other awesome R2 Games and I am interested in becoming a moderator. I would like to help others in these wonderful games. . . and enjoy seeing them achieve in the game after I've shown them a thing or two. I know the games and really could be a big help to others.

            Thank You,

            ByNe Strobe


            • hi im 26 years old layer yitien s86
              interested apply being an moderator


              • Hello , I am interested in being a Moderator.
                I play MythBorne on server (s38) Fury Lagoon.
                Lvl 59 Hunter
                Eastern United States Time Zone - (Eastern Time Zone)
                I am 38 years old and have been playing games like this one for almost 26 years and believe I have a good deal to offer in ways of helping others and patience that is needed in going along with helping other players and resolving issues that might come up


                • Name : Kayla

                  Game : Yitien
                  Age : 18
                  Time Zone : EST

                  I would love to become a Moderator because I love helping people with their issues and problems .


                  • To,
                    The SIR,
                    Sub:An application for the moderator,
                    Respected sir,
                    i m uchiha from league of angles server 101 and 213.currently i m playing in server 258 with name UCHI.
                    i m 23 years old from india.
                    I m not that much active in forums,i only check news and events after that i leave from the forums.
                    but i m a active player with a lot of experience of league of angels.
                    I would like to be a moderator.If u think i m suitable for this post then please give me these oppuretunity
                    yours R2game player,


                    • To,
                      The SIR,

                      Sub:An application for the moderator,

                      Respected sir,
                      Im Sinka from Wartune S593 Oceanic.
                      Im 21 years old from Indonesia.
                      Im not that much active in forums,i only check news and events after that i leave from the forums.
                      but im a active player at Wartune
                      I would like to be a moderator.If u think i m suitable for this post then please give me these oppuretunity
                      yours R2game player,



                      • Just reminding everyone that applicants must be active posters on the forum, as it is the post history that determines if we will reach out to you.
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                        • HI! r2games.

                          i m jun arnel, im from Philippines. i am playing Nova genesis. Nirvana server 16. my char name is FJAN26 lvl 65. my reason in applying as a moderator in nova genesis or in is to help other's that in need, just like in nova genesis there are lots of gamer playing nova genesis. but there main problem is communication, cos some of the player of nova is just using facebook, so gamer's in nova genesis comes from different countries. so they speak on in different language's and the main language they need to speak just to communicate other player's is english. and the problem is some of the guild leader's in nova can speak English but has limits. that's why other player's stop playing cos if they want to ask or to learn more about the game, they have no one to ask. so that is my main reason for applying as a moderator to help other's and to a track other gamer's/people that looking for a nice good game in face book.

                          i m 21 years old, my game time is GMT+8 aside from English dialect i can speak little Spanish also, been playing nova genes for less than 3-4 months now.

                          GOD BLESS as all and family.

                          Love to be of Family some day!
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                          IGN: FJAN26
                          S16: NIRVANA
                          CLASS: ​CORSAIR
                          GUILD: BLOODY
                          BR: 4m

                          >>>> SAY IT. DONT SPRAY IT. <<<<


                          • Hi I'm Horace Cyril S. Millanar 30 of age and working as government employee
                            I'm applying for moderator of Monkey King Online even though I'm just new here
                            at R2 games, I'm a pro player at other MKO server before I came here. I like
                            your MKO and decided to settle here.

                            my char is at s75




                            • Hello im interested,
                              I'm 21 years old now
                              im from Romania but i live in UK

                              Name: xMeEx
                              lvl: 70
                              Class: Mage
                              Br: 150k
                              Sever: (S590) Lair of Maraq


                              • Good day Main Admin, I am interested in becoming a part of your team of becoming an admin. I am playing Monkey King Online server 44(merged with 28, 31, 34, 38, 41, 47 and 51 Europe Time zone).
                                I would be honored if i can be a part of the team and guide the new players to enjoy the game. I also bring with me a huge amount of patience while dealing with other people who are in need of answers.
                                Can adjust to any time zone, old or new server, and i can guarantee that i can be of great help to the team.
                                by the way, i am 21 years old and from the Philippines
                                GAME - Monkey King Online
                                IGN - s44.TooHot2Handle
                                GUILD - s28.Dragon