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    yes my name is jesson and i would like to apply


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      I would like to be a moderator because i am on this game for 16 hour a day and i like to help people and i believe that if we all enjoy our selves we can have fun i don't have problems listening to whatever problems someone may have and i'm there if they just need someone to talk to or just need someone to help i'm not the most patient person but i'm willing to help how ever i can i like this game i would love for others to like it as well. so i would like the position so i can look after those who need the help and stop some of the bullying that is going on in this game because sometimes what we say to hurt others can really cause problems in ther real world like with some of this internet bullying that is going on sometimes in this game there is only so much a player can do when no one wants to listen to him but i will try my best to help others even if i can not get the position so thank u and have a good day.


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        im play shadow bound alpha have any benifits ??


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          Hi.. I'm namigusa and 22 years old.. Time zone GMT +1... League of Angels S[77] Bloodmaul Creek...


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            Name: Mark
            ingame: Delkin or KingDelkin
            Age: 18
            Timezone: GMT+8
            language: English & native Language[Tagalog]

            online time be specific:

            mon: 13 hrs
            Tue: 13 hrs
            Wed: 13 hrs
            Thurs: 13hrs
            Fri: 13 hrs
            Sat: 4-5hrs
            Sun: 4-6 hrs

            I'm interested of this spot because i have been a FM in the other server. I got the ability to work with others, i got communication skills, and i'm friendly.

            i'm looking forward to this very exciting matter.! thank you!


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              I can say what will happen to someone with the player on our other servers? and you can play?


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                Interest but need to be classified, so far just read new thread and try think to resolve same bug's in the game..
                Up Up Up Up

                Archer S106 Devil's Trail
                Indo Army


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                  Please keep in mind, we are looking for active members of the community. We also look for mods based on our needs for a specific game, so make sure you guys include the game you play so that when we are looking for a mod for that game, we know we can contact you if you meet our criteria (in the first post).


                  Originally posted by R25148615 View Post
                  I can say what will happen to someone with the player on our other servers? and you can play?
                  Mods can play the game. Mods have nothing to do with ingame stuff, so what happens in the servers doesn't affect what we do on the forum.
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                    League of Angels
                    +18 - checked.
                    I am a night owl(avaliable at all times )
                    I have been playing it for months,can help with pretty much anything.
                    My latest svr is now 202, I am Blue. (well more or less xD)
                    Or you can pm me if youre bored and need someone to chat with,too,your choice.

                    Thanks a bunch *blinks blinks* ..


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                      Would like to be considered for a moderator position. I am on the game everyday, almost all day up to about 16 hours daily. I help anyone I can that has questions to the best of my ability. Hope to hear from you soon.


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                        Eternal saga
                        play everyday since the start of game, so know quite a lot, 18 years old so pass the check, also am quite friendly and patient , available 12/7 (other 12h I'm dead asleep )
                        hope to hear soon ^^
                        Eternal Saga
                        [S5] Fandom
                        lvl: 79
                        BR: 194k+

                        ♥ Stuck somewhere between fiiction and reality ♥


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                          Crystal Saga

                          Been playing this game for a few years now. I am a renowned troll, and applying to be a mod wasn't my idea. I am more than willing to give it an honest go.

                          You probably won't find much in my posting history to be fair. I use a number of accounts, and I just reply on whichever account I happen to be on....none of which have been banned, so I suppose I am doing alright.

                          My main toon's name is (s44)Astralon, if that rings any unpleasant bells.


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                            ChaosFactor..wartune been playing about 2 plus yrs ( i think ). 46 retired in the USA , and play on Europe severs, so i am on 1st BG, to map reset. i help the players in my realm, and in 3 group pages through Facebook. i am a Knight,148k Br...i have played all characters, so i am very familiar with each abilities.


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                              okay , i'm a bit new here playing for about a month for now..

                              Interested on Joining on Forum Moderator Group.. As i am confident that my skills as an ex Forum Moderator on my last game that i played and handled.

                              I know the basic things on Forum Moderator "control Panel"

                              i am active , able to be on 7- 12 Hours a day.

                              A patient and understanding player ,

                              I am currently playing MKO S45 - Scarlett

                              Thank you


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                                I am interested to ba a moderator

                                Game:League Of Angels
                                Forum NameJ_-_hell
                                Account NameJ_-_hell
                                Name:Bojan Grujic
                                Time Zone:GMT +1
                                LoA Server:S35 Asrael's Grasp
                                Name on server:asdasd
                                Guild:The Gods
                                Helping low BR players:Yes
                                Server:S35 Asraels Grasp