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  • Reapplying to be forum mod again:
    Usually my activity on the forums are in discussions or in announcements (before the topics are closed because of questions)
    I should have a few posts around the forums of my helpfulness, not entirely recently due to work over my holiday break.
    I've been moderator in a few game servers like Minecraft and Garry's Mod - and a GH (similar to Vet) for a game called Serenia Fantasy.
    I've been playing DP since the beginning of S44 (Can't remember the exact date, but hopefully that helps) and I'm currently 19 years of age.
    I may seem young but I am mature for my age. However I am located in Australia, so my work-time will differ from what you'd expect from other mods (may be a good thing?)

    Even if I was given a trial position so you could observe my behavior as a forum mod, I would be very grateful for that
    Thanks for your consideration
    S44: Norsetown
    Ranger ~ TheStorm


    • i want to be Forum Moderator .


      • Hello, my name is Jonathan, I am interested in becoming a moderator.
        I am on Eastern Standard Time and live in the U.S.
        I have been playing Wartune for about 2 1/2 years and I am on server 13 and have a level 61 knight.
        I am 19 years old, I have a qq and Skype for communication with other mods as well as a good amount of experience with the game.
        I can easily accommodate and deal with even the most difficult of questions and attitudes.
        I am in college and have a great deal of free time and would love to help out if possible.


        • Hello, my name is Magui and i would like to be a moderator. Im playing crystals saga my favorite game i love it. I live in Argentina , i ve one more hour comparing to the us east. Thanks you for take the time to read. Im 19 years old and i ve lot of patience and im friendly, i would like to help and listen people problems. Im still studying for being a lawyer so i think this would be helpful in order to listen problems and fix them !. I will be waiting your answer. Thanks so much


          • I am in the US, I am 41 and have computer programming exp. I play wartunes Central Standard Time -6


            • Im brianna im 20 i play shawdowbound sever 27 im mosty active i want the fellow players around me


              • Game on R2 I play: Lunaria story

                My timezone: Pacific timezone

                How active can I be: I'm uaslly on around 7-8 hours on weekdays.. 15+ on weekends everyday

                What makes me better than anyone else: I'm not going to compare myself to anybody.. I'm not as better as anyone else is, but I've done these type of work before.


                • hmm been wanting to ask this for a long time.. am i fit to be mod? just asking xD
                  Crystal Saga

                  Ign: (S22)Caia
                  Server:(S22)Tyria Village
                  Spouse: (S23)Socrates
                  Guild:(Lv.10) DivineAngels - GM (AngelOfDeath)

                  Looking for>
                  -Genie Crystals in Consumers Points
                  -More Inventory (Bag) Space & Pages
                  -Pixie Crystal in Mystery Packs


                  • I would like to apply plz

                    I play mainly lunaria story.
                    Tried out mythborne, league of angels, and wartune before.

                    My time zone is central time.

                    I am interested in apply for the moderator position. I am generally very active ingame (may be too active) and do check out the forum from time to time.


                    • Hello I am interested. I am 25 I currently play Shadowbound, previously im a vet in Eternal Saga, i have play league of Angels, Broken Realm, Blade Hunter, Knight Fable, Yitien, Crystal Saga , Cast & Conquer and Crusaders of Solaria. and im a mod in forum too last time in other games but not in r2. i would like to share my knowledge with my players here can guide them through along. My Time Zone is GMT +8
                      Game: Shadowbound
                      Server: [S63] Haybluff Keep
                      IGN: Sephiroth
                      BR: 2.9m
                      Class: Lv 80 Hunter
                      Guild: INSOMNIACS


                      • I already posted on B&J Mod request Forum page. I'd love to see if I fit in. Anyway, even without Mod title under my Name I do same stuff I apply.
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                        • Hello
                          I am applying for the Moderators position, if there is any available


                          • Originally posted by R2_Stormaggedon View Post
                            With the release of several new games in the last few weeks, we are now looking to recruit more Moderators for the forums to handle these news games, as well as our current games. If you are interested in being a Moderator, please post an application here. We'll go through the posting history of those who apply here to see if we think they'll make a suitable candidate. Things we will be looking for are:
                            • A history of being active on the forums.
                            • A track record of being helpful and respectful to other players in their posts.
                            • Guides the applicant may have posted.
                            • Patience, the ability to work with others and be understanding.
                            • Be 18 years of age or older.

                            If you are interested, please respond below and include the game you play along with your time zone. Thank you!
                            Would love to help if League of Angels forum needs mod ^^

                            LOA server: S102 Coolbay
                            IGN: QueenKuNika
                            Age: 28yo
                            Time: GMT+7
                            Online time: +/- 18hrs everyday (randomly AFK)

                            Been playing LOA everyday for about 6 months now, very familiar with players demand and LOA bugs. I'm a guild leader so helping each others is part my daily task in LOA. By being a mod hope I can help more players. Let me know if you need more details.

                            Thanks ^^
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                            • I would love to be a mod but I would love to be some tech support too.

                              for wartunes :P


                              • Hi, im an IT graduate and im interested of being a moderator. I'm a blogger and a web developer, im looking for a game that i can commend to my blogs. i hope i can join you guys thanks