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  • hello. can i be a moderator too.

    wartune server 160 username AshlieyDyosa
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    • moderator

      I am interested in becoming a moderator I have 43 years old. server (s-116) imp Parliament . League of angel


      • I am new to the community but have played 30+ MMO's in my life including some small ones. I am also a freelance game designer myself and frequently work with other Indie studios to make small projects. I at one time was a Community Forum manager for Unity 3D and have a background in years of development support, content management as well as online gaming.

        I was once ranked 4th in the Wolrd on Grand Chase and 6th on GDMO ( Digimon Masters Online).

        So I am an avid gamer but also have a family and can take life serious when needed.

        I currently work in a warehouse doing customer care services so dealing with customer/ general consumers I have experience with as well.

        I currently picked up Stormthrone as my current game of choice and seen you guys needed Moderators and I of course jumped at the chance as like I mentioned love helping and playing games.

        I am both a gamer and a developer and as such can even troubleshoot many support questions in regards to hardware concerns, browser loading issues, PC repair, etc. To make sure everyone is ready and able to play games from R2.

        If you feel I have the experience and I am right for any position you have to offer please contact me soon as possible as I look to get started and help maintain a proper and efficient community and to help build a lasting friendship with everyone on these boards to better support the great games listed.

        My email:
        *removed for privacy reasons*
        Timezone: EST or GMT -5
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        • my account is banned i have no idea

          why my account is banned? pls tell ,me


          • Originally posted by R2106455273 View Post
            why my account is banned? pls tell ,me
            This thread is strictly for expressing interest in joining the moderation team. For game issues, character issues, and account issues, please post in the appropriate game subforum.
            New R2 Community Discord Server:

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            Some inboxes are broken, including mine. Please don't send me private messages at this time.

            Rules of the Forum are found here.

            R2Games Ticket System for browser games:


            • currently play wartune am an active player and would like to be part of this great team of r2 game serv 554 stormwind name Vectorius


              • Please consider me play on Kabam server 34, guild Asylum, name DEJaVu, Assistant GM, have played on other servers.
                Live long and prosper.


                • Hy. Can i apply to be moderator? I wasnt active in forum, but i play very often. Thank you.


                  • Hello,
                    I am playing League of Angels and I spend a lot of time in the forum for that game. I am Bulgarian or else said East Europe time zone and I am 28 years old. Would like to join the team and help as much as I could.
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                    s56 Starcrest Mountains

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                    • Hi.
                      i am interested in the job, I have 19 years
                      I play in Kabam server 1- US West...
                      I need too much itens but I love the game cuz is a really challenge...


                      • Hello I am Matt Serafico from Phillipines 17 years old i Addicted in Wartune this is my favorite Game i am new here R2games because i was Very Active Officer in Aeriagames and now thank you for accepting me to Here..


                        • myth borne im a good talking person and i should be recruited

                          Originally posted by R2_Stormaggedon View Post
                          With the release of several new games in the last few weeks, we are now looking to recruit more Moderators for the forums to handle these news games, as well as our current games. If you are interested in being a Moderator, please post an application here. We'll go through the posting history of those who apply here to see if we think they'll make a suitable candidate. Things we will be looking for are:
                          • [*yes]A history of being active on the forums.
                            [*haf.]A track record of being helpful and respectful to other players in their posts.
                            [*yes]Guides the applicant may have posted.
                            [*special with that ]Patience, the ability to work with others and be understanding.
                            [*yes]Be 18 years of age or older.

                          If you are interested, please respond below and include the game you play along with your time zone 12pm/to 9.00pm. Thank you!
                          please consider


                          • i play server 87 Earthbound Sky on yitien. im very active, very helpful and patient. i would love to be an r2mentor. thank you. i was never on the forums til now. but ill gladly help.
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                            • Good Day!

                              I saw your post in the forum here in r2games, stating that you are looking for a Moderator here in forums. I would like to apply for this position for I am an active player in Yitien. I would like to share all by plans and activities here in forums, so that everyone would be able to participate. I am currently playing Ytien for almost one year, and I am sure that I am familiar on how to handle some of the activities here. You can assure that I would be active as I play Yitien everyday and my loyalty to this site of games. I hope you will give me a chance to become one of your moderators. Thank You and God Bless.
                              Server: 84
                              Paper Woods
                              Clan: Storms

                              :p:p If You Die Tomorrow Why Not Today :p:p


                              • Hi. I'm interested in a moderator position. I've been a member of the R2 community since 2011 but haven't started using the forums till recently. I will continue to stay active. I can specifically moderate the Crystal Saga, Blade Hunter, Stormthrone, Nova Genesis, and any new game forums that come out. Thanks.