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[Patch Notes] 6/21/2012 Server Update

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    ahh Alright then..

    Originally posted by BrotherVT View Post
    Basically, what Virtue said.
    This was an unintentional bug that was not known - while players were exploiting this bug.
    Exploiting a bug is bannable, keep that in mind.
    The topic of them fixing the Unbound Gem Exchange in Tree of Life is NO LONGER debatable.
    It WILL die and any further threads/posts on this issue will be deleted and the said player who made the post/thread will be warned - and then banned if the said player does not listen.
    I will no longer tolerate your whining because of you players exploiting the bug.
    Wasn't whining, or exploiting, I was curious, the Play time I get makes it slightly more difficult to collect regular gems to craft up, with the bound gems its like added work for me to collect a different set of gems for each category. Not as easy to work getting a collection of the better gems with two different piles of gems, the two are unable to work in unison, just a bit more of a hassle then most people have to go through based on time available to play game.

    Seeing as how you clarified my question, I have no further questions resulting from this matter, thank you for taking the time to respond.


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      Originally posted by Muttonchop View Post
      Hi Gm,

      can u advise if the event "Flying High" will be back soon ?

      A lot of us would like to know if the event will be repeated again ?

      kindly let us know thanks a lot


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        Who knows what goes on the master mind of R2... Well what ever *heads back to the game* :P


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          But how do you get to the Avernal Realm?


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            Originally posted by Emeralda View Post
            But how do you get to the Avernal Realm?
            You can enter Avernal Realm by going to the Battlemaster NPC in Starglade.
            Helpful Links

            Something wrong or suspicious when talking to a Game Master/Moderator? Check here for the current .

            If you want a guide or a reference (stats) just pm me and I will be happy to make on for you.
            Taking a bit of a break as well, kinda sick at the moment.

            Moderators Be Thou for the People.
            -Kind Regards V
            -What's left in the not always what you wish for!


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              yay now there are less typos


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                So why are all the areas on PVE server PVP now?


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                  hi..can i ask?? why soo lag??now i play its soo delay??/why??can u fixes it ur maintenance..its so lag.. =(


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                      Sir? ilove playing your fabulous CS! and m a girl- i do like to have best custume .. i dont cash much cause m poor and so want to able to have an avatar that i can buy in coupon atleast.. with many varities to pick of.. 2nd sir pls pls! about the insegnia.. m having problem with my badge.. i can easyly get to lvl my rank but the badge i find it hard to craft,.. i have bronze medal so much but got probs with silver--i hope that bronze medal are craftable to silver medal.. pls pls here me!!!! ty!


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                        GM i wanna know how can i get my 5D back from (S30)13thDivision he scammed me??


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                          do a morph crystal event ur event makes me sick......what is the use of furom if ur not listening in our comment?


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                            a question how do I go to island angel?


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                              i like the exchange at ToL event master. unbound gems. now i cant sell them
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