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Lost Characters

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    R2 Account: _Leeloo_
    S22Leeloo Server:[S22] Tyria Village
    R2 Account: Bambilinoo
    S22Goldie Server:[S22] Tyria Village
    R2 Account: Sweetdelight
    S22 Aisha Server:[S22] Tyria Village


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          Is this thread still active? I would like to get back some of my chars


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              Originally posted by R2CS_Pat View Post
              Some players lost characters following today's maintenance. For those who are affected, please provide: your R2 account name, character name and server number below.


              Note: Please leave your character name with the server name included. Example: (S1)Mynameispat

              sir can you give me back my char? (S23)codex ty in advance


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                  S 126 Rallied Legions
                  Char: July
                  R2 Account: july1313


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                    (s42) realsadguy


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                      Please help

                      Hello! I need some help.
                      I started playing Wartune some years ago (I think in 2013 but I'm not sure). I loved it a lot back then, but because I was busy I had to stop playing it for a while. Last time I logged in (last year) I played it a little, and then stopped again. Now, because I have a lot of free time, I want to start playing it again. So today I logged in (after changing my password) and I noticed that my characters are all gone. I want to know if there is a way of getting them back, from what I remember I had 3 or 4 characters. I really don't want to lose them, one of the characters had a pretty high level. A lot of things have changed so I don't know what to do. Also, one of the characters that I had (the one that I really want to get back) was Merlia, a female mage, on server 79, Ryre Camp (I'm pretty sure it was this server).
                      I would really appreciate it if could help me.
                      Also, I apologize if I have any mistakes, but English is not my mother language.
                      P.S: I entered on that server and it shows me the "Create a character" page.
                      P.S.S: I have just noticed that my username is not the same as it used to be. O_O
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