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Opinions Collection for Crystal Saga Revision 1/20

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  • Originally posted by Tidders View Post
    Mods in game are nowhere to be found, response time to most tickets take forever and even when you respond, it is dependent on what you guys view as fitting. Also, there is a lot of problems with the whole "VIP" thing. You guys never offer anything new to make anything interesting. All events are overly repetitive. Nothing is ever new. There's also need to be some changes among what you guys offer for people who spend crystals in the shop. "Limited" things often come around and those that do are never the ones that a lot of people want back. Bound things should be unbound in IOB because that's where we used to be the best part of IOB when it first came out.

    (s90) Hanjheo
    "Mall" the reason R2 makes everything people are gonna buy wings/GMUT/SP through R2 anyway...

    And for a suggestion cuz that's what this thread is for...well I'd like to see another event that gives Divine Feathers...cuz 10 per day from Corruption and 5 a day from The Nether makes gettin divine up near impossibe...I'm only where I'm at now by using all my QMT on em...

    Edit: just remembered that you can trade Celestial Gems (Ladder 76+) for em...not that it's a nice ratio...
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    IGN: (CS1) (S80)Tannlaus LV178 Eidolon Rogue
    Prom I wings... so expensive... especially if you keep forgettin corrupt :D
    Kamikaze Member
    Somany little time...
    If you wanna know why I went with a Rogue well... Stealth is good for lurking in chat while still runnin through SG :cool:


    • to exchange Bronze Honor by silver honor.
      for example 1 silver = bronze 100


      • Also how about fixing the monsters that get stuck? When I go AFK sometimes some monsters get stuck and I get stuck for hours until I come back. I mean it is really annoying. Wasting AFK time.
        CS I - (S103)Lugh
        CS II - (S10)Lugh


        • Well it took me 3 days to get everything written down that I wanted to say. (As intelligible and reasonable as I wanted.) However, something unfortunate happened and I no longer have the large wall of text that I had intended to post. Oh well, I guess that just means I'll just summarize what I had to say.
          • New Rebirth
          • New/Improved Systems
          • Fixing All Bugs, EVERYWHERE
          • New Class
          • New/Improved Events (Making Drops better for some of these outdated events.)
          • New Equipment (New Wings, Mount. Another PvP Set after Slayers)
          • System Icons (Hide them Either behind 1 Singular button, or something else just move them out of the way)
          • Hide Players/Effects (Auras pop back in, players entering map, etc. Make more permanent hide players.)
          • Better Quartermaster Exchange (Takes too long if saving up tokens)
          • Better Storage (Fruit/Recipe/Ingredient Storage, Gem Storage, Vouchers for a LOT of items, etc.)
          • Fragarach Improvements (Fragarach Defusion, Fusion of Different Class Fragarachs)
          • A super pet created by merging the Guardian Angel and the Emperor Demon! (Mostly because pets aren't very useful these days, the ones that see the most use are fire lord-type pets and Silence/Buffing pets.)
          • Cleanup System Layouts, Update Descriptions for Skills and Systems.
          • Implement Auction House or Remove NPC
          • Blitz Mode Dungeon Runs
          • Improved AFK system (More Skill slots, better specifications of what is picked up.)

          Kongregate (S5)Abel
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          • Bugs:
            • Ladder floor 1 links don't work
            • Extreme divine wings I to III got glitch in animation
            • One can get stuck when using skills/items while clicking close to get to the next floor in Magic Tower
            • One can get stuck/split from party when lagging in void
            • Island of blessing cannot be entered before announcement of its closing (between 12:09 and 12:10)
            • Quiz gets interrupted when changing locations (town portals/entering portals)
            • When I mute all sounds & music, there's still intro music in login screen
            • Monster book quest might never show up again after being abandoned
            • Some items like chaos wings/clown puppet can't be removed from inventory
            • Quiz is ignoring correct answers, gives no reward during heavy lag despite showing everything correctly
            • Upon upgrading beast soul to Lion, world message is showing Seiryu
            • Hiding players/effects works only until first animation of holy favor aura/ranger's passive shield skill/buffs
            • Some messages are incorrectly stating to join party, while we are expected to not be in one
            • Unreachable mobs are still pretty common
            • Mobs that are killed by frost while loading are permanently visible until leaving map
            • One can attack party members in ladder while having AFK on doing them no damage, but slowing things a lot down
            • One can attack beast master familiars outside of PvP zone
            • Superior health orbs can go over 10M HP
            • Friendly fire of queens in wrangle, mainly their dragging and regeneration skills
            • Avatars in party list are not showing actual status of each player
            • We are unable to leave wrangle once our membership expires
            • Players are getting (even top 10) vidalian legends rewards even when they are not participating
            • Avatar card franchise house dialog can't be closed with return button

            Things that could use redesign
            • Island of blessing: make people drop they stones when they leave event or when they hold them for more than a few minutes (5 for example), make people auto turn in when entering safe zone (there has been way too many misclicks). This should prevent some individuals from ruining this event for everyone else.
            • Delivery: Make it possible to finish delivery even if one looses their crystaloid but manage to get it back
            • Wrangle: Giving 1 billion HP to player that grabbed fruit makes no sense, the only thing that can kill such player is orange/purple death spirit, which as we all know is privilege of those who can afford it. I suggest to disable death odor skill and also seal of doom regeneration in this location. Also safe zones end right after NPC's back (taking vertical line that crosses NPC). One can use friendly fire of queens to drag players out of safe zone, see bugs section, while no one can kill such player simply cause he's in safe zone, even if it's not his own.
            • Corruption: Remove need of additional clicks to get reward from NPC, reducing risk of misclicks, Remove requirements for the 5th run, it's only slowing things down without any reason
            • Sengolia: takes 20 seconds to finish both instances. Making crystals indestructible for a few minutes, or adding damage limiter would make this event interesting again. Also add safe zones, so there won't be anymore spawn killing.
            • Invaders/snowmen/dragons...: disband all parties and prevent players from making any party for a few minutes after invasion starts so people won't be able to abuse alts that much. Although some are using alts only to prevent others from getting any tokens. Fix those skills that are ignoring hard set damage limit (10k), including wings skill, or remove rule where highest damage takes the loot (e.g. invader is nearly dead, took almost 1M damage, but then some priest appears and use his curse that does over 1M damage. Instead of taking whole damage of this curse, only remaining portion of mob's HP should be taken into account)
            • Nether: Prevent players from re-entering those rooms that they already have key from. This will speed-up things, but mainly prevent some individuals from preventing others from doing this event.
            • Food boss scramble: Increase spawn rate, so one can't kill all bosses to prevent others from getting any
            • Mines: Increase movement speed, so it doesn't take too long to complete
            • Ladder: Some floors are utterly meaningless, like those without any mobs, or floor 84, which are only good for slowing thing horribly down making this event boring especially for new players.
            • The Rift: ...I forgot about this event right after i saw 500k contribution requirement for a single dragon boss. With 5 and half people on our server it's impossible to achieve, lower it please...
            • Chambers of Fate: Reduce number of clicks, many people grew tired of loosing their crystals due to missclicks. Prevent people from camping certain rooms by adding timer that would teleport them back to hall of fate after it hits zero. You already got something like that implemented in Island of blessing.
            • Daily hunts: lost their meaning since you can now easily farm 500+ wisdom daily from other events.
            • World bosses: Make them re-spawn every 30 minutes please. It's super irritating to see dozillions of alts afking near each WB spot only to prevent others from getting rebirth quest done. Adding more bosses into rebirth quest repertoire would be welcomed too.
            • Fairy search: Disable teleportation rings in Starglade (if both characters are in this location), this tiny feature really ruins it all
            • Lucky guess: Not sure why, but it's super laggy in terms of FPS.
            • Trading system: Some artificial players that would buy "junk" items would help new players to make some gold. Current situation is that old players are not interested in stuff new players are selling, and new players are not able to buy any hard to get stuff simply cause they can't afford it.
            • Rose->crystal exchange: If we use simple math, maxing some goddess blessing takes around 6900 crystals, rune 24600, unlocking monster book 4999, with current limit it will take non-casher 628 days, 2237 days and 455 days respectively. Do you think this game will last for another 9 years ?
            • Treasure trove: Make spawn spots more random and add spawn protection, so there's no possibility to be spawn killed that easily.
            • Leveling guild: Present system makes upgrading guild impossible for everyone who is not part of the strongest guild on the server (based on my experience there are guilds that are killing Gotor but don't collect nimbus only to prevent others from leveling up their guild). Add another options for getting guild stones, make them drop in dungeons for example.

            • Remove all dialogs and add info as NPC option, or make it one long dialog, clicking 7 times after entering Tamalan arena, and then 4 times after you leave it, is annoying.
            • More teleporters are needed.
            • Limit or completely remove death spirit from this game, it's game breaking feature.
            • Some censorship is ridiculous, like population, or ga.y, which is not even bad word, unless you are homophobic.
            • Add options to disable all environment animations, or every single animation including pixie, beast soul, mount...
            • Don't force players to manually leave their parties/unmount their mount/call back pet before doing various actions like entering dungeons, opening shops ect. Do it automatically like in Sengolia. It's called being user friendly...
            • Classes need re-balancing badly.
            • Make this game more friendly, and I'm not talking about adding more flowers or hearts into sprites, just prevent people from being ... to others, so new players won't quit after a few days.
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            • well im interest with wardrop hope u make it back like was the 1st time u bring it, thats is can put any costume with limite time so thats good too for non casher..


              • a quick sale at Blue and yellow objects , exactly as with gray and green items ( 1 click) one spends an eternity in blue and yellow dg drops on Npc for sale as is constantly in demand Are you sure ..... confirm no damn I'm sure will sell , really you need nerves of steel to permanently dung to click


                • Loads more levels
                  vastly expanded skill varieties across all classes (perhaps more buffs etc.),
                  ideally less cash only events (if any) and allowing non-cash players to gain all elements of the game (even if it is slow).
                  Some more dungeons, or making the old dungeons more interesting would be great (more bosses/ a new 'EXTREME' mode).
                  More event times, so people from other countries can make events like IOB, seng and guessing game more accessible so that they could now at least partipate (but only allowing 1 access per event per day).
                  Sengolia could do with being made vastly more difficult so it isn't ended after one shot
                  Server: The Wilterlands

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                  • If avernal just allowed normal dps then the same person would win every time and I fully support the idea to do something about aura's and especially hf aura. It make the soul aura look terrible and just causes problems. The hid/effect barely works with hf aura and always ruins my looting in magic mine and pd

                    Take out one of the damage reduction skills on knights, it's way to easy for them to max their dmg reduction. Even without ares equip
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                    Why is bacon called bacon and cookies called cookies when you bake cookies and cook bacon


                    • Originally posted by R21507247
                      Take out one of the damage reduction skills on knights, it's way to easy for them to max their dmg reduction. Even without ares equip
                      Knights suppose to be tanky, why not remove buffs from priests, aoes on mages, make ranger skills close combat, remove stealth from rogues while u at it lol


                      • i suggest a hide all buttons toggle switch and rose exchange back to unlimited

                        make gpows farmable (s56)DazeD Lmao ya right but drumsticks is a good idea and also revert rose exchange back to old way Please
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                        • I want the life of all servers to continue. pve and PVP alike.
                          Merging kabam into server groups pvp S1 would be fantastic

                          Merging server group S51 into pvp server group S1 would be fantastic
                          more inventory
                          raise item inventory from 250 to 500
                          speed up corruption pack click time
                          speed up gem synthesis
                          add dungeon key blitz run. Can use 5 dungeon key and 10gold to gain 5x dungeon run loot instantly
                          fix the hide feature
                          hide all icons
                          make wonderkinds like a kid we can take care of. refresh energy daily and make items obtainable
                          btw where did elementals death spirits go??
                          I think an interactive GM would help A LOT
                          add mount hut
                          new sperion
                          new greater mount upgrade mounts
                          pets that actually perform for higher power charectors
                          make Heart of eden upgradeable, keep the name im kinda fond of it
                          add an inventory space for fruit system. You can program it just like elemental system, has its own inventory
                          new rebirth but with a twist.....doesnt require leveling... or does it......maybe in a diffrent plane!!!
                          pixie equipment
                          oh and enjoy ur holidays , happy new year r2
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                          • 1. System Option Changes
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	Hide Options 3.png
Views:	1
Size:	46.3 KB
ID:	1723410

                            2. AFK - Changes
                            Picking up drops Using 3x Exp Token
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	A.png
Views:	1
Size:	78.0 KB
ID:	1723417

                            3. Would be nice if there's option to hide all icons that intervening the game play.
                            like this suggestion

                            4. Since lots of servers are merge by groups of more than 10, More Friend List/ Ignore List should be given.

                            5. Perfect/Immaculate Gem to Coupon Exchange
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	Gem Exchange.png
Views:	1
Size:	30.4 KB
ID:	1723411

                            6. Make Evil Sanctuary Dungeon [ViP] runs and Dungeon Key run
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	EBS.png
Views:	1
Size:	21.6 KB
ID:	1723412

                            7. Make Teleporter to Purgatory Dungeon & Underworld Dungeon Directly from Starglade or Tree of Life
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	Teleport.png
Views:	1
Size:	19.5 KB
ID:	1723413

                            8. Make a Confirmation on "Leave the dungeon" in Underdark
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	Underdark1.png
Views:	1
Size:	531.5 KB
ID:	1723415
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	Underdark2.png
Views:	1
Size:	499.8 KB
ID:	1723414
                            like this>
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	Confirmation.png
Views:	1
Size:	17.4 KB
ID:	1723416

                            9. Make a Sort Confirmation when Sorting bag/pet/vault

                            10. Selling Loots Confirmation
                            "Are you sure you want to sell this item?".
                            Can you add a tick box with the option not to show this message again, until we click the npc again.

                            11. Make Legendary Gems able to be put in vault or make us a separate inventory for the Legend gems

                            12. HP/MP reserve should be upgraded as the players now have more than 1mil HP

                            13. Make a way for Chaos Wings to be dispose of without having to file ticket each time we get 1 Chaos wings, would be good if its sellable or can be dropped.

                            14. Since the population of merge servers are too much for 3 World Rebirth quest please try to put NEW Rebirth quest or more World Bosses added not just IQ/FA/Amarog, there's lots other world bosses.

                            15. Would be great if Ares Offhand is available.

                            16. Make NEW events every last week or First of the Month

                            {P.S. i would add more but that'll do for now **
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                            Crystal Saga

                            Ign: (S22)Caia
                            Server:(S22)Tyria Village
                            Spouse: (S23)Socrates
                            Guild:(Lv.10) DivineAngels - GM (AngelOfDeath)

                            Looking for>
                            -Genie Crystals in Consumers Points
                            -More Inventory (Bag) Space & Pages
                            -Pixie Crystal in Mystery Packs


                            • World bosses that appear more often, giving more chances for those doing RB quests to get. Such as adding one earlier in the day.

                              More items added to the token exchange such as pow, and items from the newer events which have been added.

                              Do some things to help reduce lag. I know many have already been discussed in this thread so I will not bring them up again.

                              More drops of rare items in dungeons which do not drop as many items such as lvl150 dungeon

                              Anything that will help improve the game for players would be a good thing. This would also help bring in new players as well.


                              • there are a few things that i may repeat but here it goes.
                                1. Need to have teleports to farther away dungeons so it does not take so long to get there, we have teleports back to sg from there but none up to them.
                                2. Please change the xtal exchange back to normal, is very hard for new players to be able to get blessings on their characters with only 11 xtal each day.
                                3.Seriously consider any suggestion to get rid of ALL the icons on the screen, many have large screens with great resolution, but not everyone and the ones who do not have a massive lack of space to manuever in game.
                                4.It would be nice to have a potions vendor in the new areas as well, so you do not have to travel all the way back to Tree of Life to get potions if you are out.
                                5.mobs in the higher level grinding areas should drop gems and upper level gear if any available as well as the orders needed for leveling
                                6. give the temp storage a sort button ( this is very minor but would be helpful)
                                7. have crystal card to drop in dungeons, this would be another way for new players and non cashers to obtains some items they previously could not
                                8.would be nice to have a higher level pvp gear , higher than the current Slayers Gear
                                9. Potions for higher than 120 lvl that is % based, when higher level health points is obtained the lvl 120 potions are not really helpful
                                10. World bosses to spawn on more than one instance, or more than twice per day. On the server which i am at we have several servers merged with a massive amount of character base and it makes it really difficult to get world boss rebirth quest with that many members.
                                11.make and event week where we get 2x ladder run, 2x corruption runs and 2x SS exchange with upper levels for pixie and soul progression soul shards are in very high demand this would be a nice way to get extra soul shards
                                12. Addition of nether essence into the new lvl 150 dungeon or make the Evil beast dungeon with 5 runs and able to use dungeon keys and get extra runs with Vip. This essence is the only one needed for the upper level progression of the aug weapon and for all levels of the immortal aug weapon.
                                13. Last please please please when events change get rid of the old items , all the extra items being left behind either due to hast or just mistakenly missing them is adding the already bad lag issue. All the extra items left behind is not helpful in the lag issue. such as the Tiny Tim, Scrooge, the bonefire by the guild mangement officer, the balloons by the armor vendor, all extra items for particular events that should be removed.

                                sry if i have repeated anyone suggestions and hope some things might be taken into consideration for improvements.
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