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Opinions Collection for Crystal Saga Revision 1/20

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    Heres a big one. RETURN THE CHARM TO CRYSTAL BACK TO UNDER LEVEL 80, I have multiple toons that cant change charm to crystal because they have Blessing of peace or Light.
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      i would like to suggest that all equipments will be tradable including ares equips and esd equips so a player who want to change their class can just trade them to any equips they want this also can help to raise economy in game and when someone get scammed by this well its not r2 to blame its the player so well GLHF playa !!

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        Character class changing item u would make a fortune with it


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          My opinion is put costumes that give skills , such as
          Fragarach Weapon , has Frost and several other skills , a costume with skill (not too OP not to open an advantage between cash and in -cash )

          And another opinion is put an auction system in the forum as:

          Item: Heroic Wings ( Bound )
          Price : 35silver (Each) Amount: 10 stacks

          there the bound item could be sold on the forum with the exception of some items !
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            An idea is to add the auction house an idea they probably had since the beginning but wasn't added for some reason. rip the ********** just standing there, time after time. And maybe to be able to upgrade those chaos wings.
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              My opnion its add enchant to clothes, for we upgrade its level and stats!



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                I think we should have a 3xp event early Saturday to Sunday for people q can not play from Monday to Friday. !!

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                  I think we should be able to pull a frag out of fused weapon so we can build it,instead of having to start over from nothing... which is ** imo so even some cash item to allow us to pull a fused weapon out would be nice just saying...


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                    Hello Hello these are my suggestions for the game

                    1) It would be good that the [Warrior Lion] could transform in [Fiery Lion] using [Greater Mount Upgrade Token]

                    2) remove the aura of the system [Holy Favor], causes much laggg in areas where there are many players who possess that aura

                    3) make the icons of the systems be smaller or save all icons into a single icon labeled [Systems]

                    4) Create a coupon for costumes "coupon costume" that can be obtained using [Quartermaster Token] to redeem a piece of costume in the store, the coupon could be 30 to 40 [Quartermaster Token].

                    5) in the [Elementals] the players not VIP can only enter once a day and do not have as getting [Tomb Insignia] could put it on the list of items exchangeable for [Quartermaster Token], 1 per day will be well

                    6) make [Gems Bound] can be turned into [Unbound Gems] or at least to change an [Gem Bound] for another [Gem Bound] with same level.

                    7) could put a method to improve the quality of the item, ie to improve a poor quality item to outstanding

                    8) my proposal for an event
                    *an event dedicated to pets
                    - a new pet "kuybey" . Ofensive Magical pet with skill as "Damage", "Berserk","Mad Magic","Angel Slash", "Angelic Aura", "Power of Faith". strong as a [Burning Angel].with this appareance >Click image for larger version

Name:	Kyubey.png
Views:	1
Size:	33.7 KB
ID:	1723348Click image for larger version

Name:	puella-magi-madoka-magica-kyubey-as.png
Views:	1
Size:	212.9 KB
ID:	1723349Click image for larger version

Name:	tumblr_mjn3rwDnSi1r9j9xbo1_500.gif
Views:	1
Size:	381.2 KB
ID:	1723350

                    - during this event would be on sale all pets had been in the store with a small discount on the price.
                    - during the period of event pets they will receive double experience
                    - the skill books Lv1 fall into the NM dungeons. O that can be redeemed [Quartermaster Token] by any pack that contains skill books Level 1
                    -recompensas obtained by special pet or levels reaching our pets

                    Thank you for the opportunity to propose our ideas
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                    • Well this site that you will create was very genial more back to the subject :
                      You could increase the soul of maximum of 3000 to 6000
                      A Place for pvp 24 (no reward)
                      The equipment could be enchanted up to +25
                      New skills for all class
                      new Class
                      Sperion > New Level with alterations being is attack it would be a sword turning around your character , if a defense shields en turning around your character:m


                      • Nerf rogues! Its very frustrating since they proc frag equipment more often especially during Avernal event. If not, then maybe have a class change item so i can change my class to rogue lol. You know what they say, "if you can't beat them, join them."

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                        • you could optimize a little elk cure for it and very low




                          • Arrival of two new classes.
                            The second as expected.
                            SERVER 85

                            Getting Tokens in DGs, is the dream of all players. That's a great idea.😍😍😍
                            SERVER 85
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                            • Good things have been mentioned several times , no longer want to enter into it ( delay icon's , success rate and and and .... ) also want to bring something that I personally still mad regurgitates , these stupid World Boss RBQ must be removed without **** or respawn time would have changed werden.Immer waiting and waiting , waiting , waiting for you at the location to be content once to appear

                              2 ; mass events such as " invaders " is yes view quite well ( FFA ) but should make an FFA really this be changed even small winy that can get everyone without exception only limited number of reward should , have it even often seen with , one has Fortunately times caught in a less than a minute invader comes op or higher lvl players to from the dream of reward . Thanks for that one then looks at the end of the tube , sucks really is why a limit to drop for each player


                              • This is (V2)Rainbow and I have some suggestions. Some you and others may like (and others have probably already suggested)... some maybe not. But here goes anyway.

                                1. There are so many things to collect now to upgrade items or to make other items that our vault and pack should be expanded or allow us to stack more of that item instead of 99 or 250.

                                2. I understand not being able to trade all items but we should be able to put all items in our vault.

                                3. I like the AFK feature so why not make an EXP feature the same way? Use the EXP cards (1.5x, 2x and 3x) for the character and pets and the time stacks and choose when to have it on and when to turn it off. I don't know about other players but I have an over abundance of EXP cards and they take up room in vault and pack.

                                4. Speaking of AFK, I miss lots of Torches while on AFK. There should be an option to pick in AFK to stop at torches or not.

                                5. There are too many icons on the screen for things like Polish, Fruits, Elements, Patrons, Etc. Make a master button that holds all those icons or allow us to pick what icons we would like to have shown on the screen and hide the ones we don't.

                                6. I like the idea of the client and I have tried it but you can only log in with one character. I have more than one character that I play with everyday and would like to be able to do so with the client instead of the website.

                                7. Evil Beast Sanctuary is the ONLY dungeon that gives only 3 runs, doesn't have the VIP or Dungeon Key option. That should be changed so that it is like every other dungeon. Especially since there is only one boss you get to fight and when making Celestial gear if you fail you lose your Evil Beast gear and have to start all over again.

                                8. Make an option to customize your characters appearance. You have the option for different costumes (I like that) but why can't we change the color of the characters hair or costume so that everyone looks different? All the characters are starting to look the same and it is a little boring.

                                9. I have noticed that there is a big lag problem because of all the new auras and such that have been added. When you pick the Show/Hide Players button to hide players it should hide everything (except the players name) and maybe that will help with the lag.

                                10. I like the feature to fuse other weapons with our frag to increase stats. Why can't we do that will all the gears?

                                11. Enchanting is becoming harder and harder now (at least I find it is). Enchanting should be made like the new Polish system. When you 'fail' an enchantment you don't lose your previous enchantments.

                                12. When releasing a new pet or a new mount give the option to use it free (for a day or a week) so players can decide if they want to buy it or not. Or show the stats/information about the pet of mount when it is in the shop instead of it just saying ''pet" or "mount".

                                13. I have a Beastmaster class and I like the Familiar that you get but it is annoying that I can't call it back like a pet or pixie. Please make a call back option so I can put it away when I don't need it.

                                So those are my suggestions so far. I am sure that if I thought about it I would come up with more. These are just the top ones that I can think of at this moment. Please take them into consideration when making your decision for your revision. Thank you for your time.
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