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[Announcement] CS 12/13/2012 Server Maintenance @ 3:00 AM EST

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    no new server =='


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      Remind me again how are these events in anyway beneficial to players below level 101....?

      [Activity] Bling, Bling! Exchange Gem Shards for use in level 101+ gears
      [Activity] A Thief Among Us - Reward: Gem Shard
      [Activity] Vidalian Gem Rush - Reward: Gem Shard
      [Activity] A Precious Treasure - Reward: Gem Shard
      [Activity] Warrior’s Call - Reward: Depending on level (101 and above only)


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        At this time all servers are up! In addition...

        UPDATE: A correction, the gems can actually be used with any level equipment. However, Necklaces, Rings, and Off-Hand items level 101 or higher can now have sockets. Also please be aware that gem descriptions for the Garnet and Fire Opal saying they can be put into Gloves should instead say "Off Hand"
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          Originally posted by Mupin View Post
          Baths will never be completely solo'd, because there are already other ways to do it.

          You get a nimbus.

          Or leave it to us Priest and our AB. 8D
          Irronic that i was arguing with this guy on bath and soloing and can never do it and the release peridot which gives HP regen. Get enough of these high level and you can solo bath. The reduction is at 1000, so you need like 3 immacs to get over that. After that the rest is in your favor.

          Let out your rage on level 30 trading ---^


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            Squintina I agree with you getting exp for crop tending would be nice ,increased output is ok But not all the special crops have that


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              Originally posted by R22704760 View Post
              Remind me again how are these events in anyway beneficial to players below level 101....?
              events always favor high players
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                Yo everybodys charecters are gone, fix it please