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No Maintenance for CS on 02/14

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    Simply unacceptable.

    It seems like people in r2games are Truly Extremely Stupid... you guys already made thread about valentine 25 % xtal since 4th of february and only made it appear today, what's that for ? you're afraid that it's bugged and people complain ? How about things like this ? Stupid emergency maintenance without warning ? It seems like you guys can just get away with it, so what's the excuse for not showing updates earlier (and not only for the valentine offer, but other updates thread have been made one day or few days before usually) ? Because if it doesn't work, you can just say oops, it's bugged, we'll see next week. There really shouldn't be any hard feeling or anything, I mean it's bugged, what else do you expect ?


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      No Maintenance????? Then what was that 15min maintenance that kicked us w/o warning and made me lose my RB quest?
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        Maintenance was performed. But without upgrading and new events. Guild quests are refreshed, week-charged leaks (i hope) zeroed.


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          There should be a forever alone event this week. People with wedding clothes and no spouse get an item.


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            Ahhh.. but this event sucks...
            Need one where i can get money


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              I have an inquiry to make of those on the forums has there been any rumors about a new server coming online in the near future?
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