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[CS Activity] A Dark Storm

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    them shards at shop for 2 crystal each, i guess event is to promote some crystal buying.

    cause realistically its more or less impossible to get 88 in 1 day for normal folks, let alone 200

    Me as a combat rogue with maxed move speed hardly gettin more than 10-11/hr
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      200x Shards that seem to drop as well as the Chocolates from the last event?? This event will take 24/7 grinding to complete. . .

      Oh, we can buy the shards from the shop!? You don't say. . . It's lame stunts like this that have made it so I won't cash anymore. I'm even cancelling VIP. Nice try, R2.


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        well guess the set up is like this...

        it takes 88 shards to get 1 box, 200 for 3 ( roughly 66 shards per 1 box). 66 a day is gettable ( afk through the night while u sleep). So after 3 days u redeem 3 boxes..

        ofc those who want 3 boxes every day can use the crystal option.


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          R2 at it's finest, being as "STUPID" and "CRUEL" as they possibility can. If it was every item in the pack, it might not be so bad. But still a joke event.

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            If you don't get enough shards a day to make at least 2 exchanges, go for the 120 shard one: 60 shards p/box. Otherwise it's 88 shards p/box or 66 shards p/box.
            Not sure who is doing the math at R2 nowadays but if the 200 one was meant to be the best choice, well, grab a good ol' calculator next time for aid.
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              THis is a terrible event, I could go on, and I might when I get back, but I honestly think R2 is cheating by this point.


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                This is terrible. All of the high-levels are going to where us lower levels need to go to do our quests and such and going AFK, making it nearly impossible for us to find an instance or spot where we can actually do what we need to do. If you are going to release something like this, please make it level specific, i.e. the elite has to be within five levels of you. Either that, or add in five more instances.


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                  This event is soooo funny, if you farm for about 3 hours and sell what you accumulated, you can go to the market and get any of these items without being disappointed when you get a Blessed Stone or 2x offline token. I've farmed for 4 hours straight which I would do normally and collect a whopping 22 winterfall shards.

                  I really can't figure out who this event would favor. It sure is not for those with only one character since they would have to forgo all other events just to get a chance at 3 items they may not need and for those with alts, it again is a waste of time unless they are like me who farms 4 hours daily with each alt to accumulate experience.

                  The reason I like this game is because I don't take events like this one serious and continue to build like I normally would. I call events like this one teaser events and I don't play any teaser event. I use too but I got tired of getting things I didn't need so I quit and my enjoyment of the game increased because of it.


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                    This sounds like a great event.But i I wish we could have ALL the items from the pack :c oh well! I just hope I get something this is an ok event for me..

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                      well i afk since i been up been 14 hrs i only got 140 shards. good drop ya right.
                      my name Wolfy and i drunk alot lol


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                        In 4 hour of afk, I got 60 winterfall shards so I get about 15/h. It takes 408 shards to do all the exchanges. It would take around 27 hours to get all shards (for me). So it seem impossible for most people to get all the shards needed by afk-ing (i'm level 85 eidolon).

                        To buy all packs daily, you need 816 crystals. So it's an average of 136 crystals per pack.

                        1. 3 morph crystals
                        Best price : 55 x 3 = 165 crystals (Limited sale)
                        Worst price : 75 x 3 = 225 crystals (Normal price for 1)

                        It's the only item that worth it in the pack.

                        2. 1 soul print
                        Price : 100 crystals

                        Always cheaper in cash shop.

                        3. 2 2x Offline Exp token
                        Price : 30 x 2 = 60 crystals

                        Always cheaper in cash shop.

                        4. 3 Ethereal Wings
                        Best price : 35 x 3 = 105 crystals (Limited sale)
                        20% off pack : 8000 / 200 * 3 = 120 crystals
                        Worst price : 50 x 3 = 150 crystals (Normal price for 1)

                        I don't think people buy the most expensive ethereal wings so it's cheaper in cash shop.

                        5. 3 Blessed stone (Bound)
                        Best price : less than 3 lucky coins
                        Worst price : 15 lucky coins

                        So I think cashers are better to buy what they want in cash shop.

                        The event doesn't look like it's worth the time or the crystals needed for it.


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                          lol i agree pretty crazy how you would need 408 shards to complete all 3 exchanges which is impossible within a day unless you cash for the shards $.$ Horrible attempt to make people cash as there's always the chance you'll get Blessed Stones or 2x Offline EXP from the packs as well. Just too many shards required for the exchange unless the drop rate is increased or lower the amount of shards needed. It's a huge waste of AFK time too x.x
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                            Great event .. but ..
                            (there is always a but isn't there?)
                            the requirement is way too high .. for max rewardsyou need 408 of those things .. if you AFK grind for 24 hours you'll be lucky to get 80 ... At least make it feasable to get 200 in a day.
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                              Originally posted by R21336946 View Post
                              Great event .. but ..
                              (there is always a but isn't there?)
                              the requirement is way too high .. for max rewardsyou need 408 of those things .. if you AFK grind for 24 hours you'll be lucky to get 80 ... At least make it feasable to get 200 in a day.
                              You're picking a bad spot then. I got 120 yesterday and stopped. That was about 12 hours, while being disturbed by events. Then overnight of AFKing I got about 100 in 6 hours.

                              I do agree the numbers suck, don't get me wrong, but saying it's impossible to get 200 a day by farming 24/7 is completely incorrect.
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                                cs getting boring