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[Announcement] Emergency Server Maintenance @ 1AM 08/14/2012

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  • [Announcement] Emergency Server Maintenance @ 1AM 08/14/2012

    We'll be taking the servers down in about an hour, at 1AM EDT, 10PM PDT to perform an Emergency Maintenance to fix an exploit we believe may be responsible for the increase in lag and sever stability issues. Downtime is expected to be 2 hours, but could be longer or shorter. Please keep an eye on this thread for updates.

    After researching the lag issue, we've think we've found a probable cause for the increase in server load. We've uncovered an exploit being used and we think the activity surrounding the exploit could be the cause. Unfortunately, we can't be sure if the Maintenance will actually fix the issue or not until after we've performed it, and monitor the servers to see if things go back to normal.

    So players are aware of the change we are making to the game, the newbie equipment one gets will no longer be able to be sold or traded. Upon accepting the 2nd quest and getting the weapon, we noticed new players selling the weapon for a copper, abandoning the quest, getting the quest again, getting a new weapon, selling the weapon...wash, rinse, repeat. We think the gold farming sites have been using bots to get gold this way, and with an increase in bots, its caused an increase in resources on the server, and thus an increase in the lag. This issue would be particularly aggravated on merged servers.

    Again, we are not 100% sure this is the actual cause, or it could just be one thing adding to the issue. Or it may not have anything to do the lag issue at all, but we won't know till we close it up and see what happens.

    Our apologies for the delay in your enjoyment of our game, but we are working to improve the performance. Thank you.
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    check sea of dreams it has some of the bots coming around
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      NiceMake sure its fix.
      Last edited by Greendaryl; 08-14-2012, 04:22 AM.
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        hang on wait. we got guild crops going at the moment XD we need our guild resources back


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          Check celestial peaks,i was pking bots on my alt in kaymo yesterday for 3 hours X.X and theyre all S12,even tho we have 4 servers merged,fix that >.> my alt's pk level is 44 already was 62 >.>


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            i hope the lagg will be gone. im lagging real bad every day. thanks for the notice.


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              Thanks! Any FIX is welcome

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                but what if the winning guild has crops... and their crops will be in an hrs and 20 mins?
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                  I don't know about other servers but on Cheurna Gorge and Amethyst Forest the gold bots are no longer spamming world chat and pms. They just open a shop with their website as the title. They litter SG L1 with these shops and sell things like magic dust for 20Platniums so no one buys it and makes the shop disappear.
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                    Originally posted by Greendaryl View Post
                    Mr.Stormaggedon,next time before implementing some events,make a 100% evaluation. Just a friendly suggestion.
                    Use Scientific Method if possible.
                    This has nothing to do with events. The post clearly states this is in regard to the second quest of the game. Next time, please read the whole post. Just a friendly suggestion.

                    Originally posted by GaRung86 View Post
                    but what if the winning guild has crops... and their crops will be in an hrs and 20 mins?
                    We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause regular game activities, but there will be no compensation as this is an emergency maintenance. However, hopefully by fixing the lag issue, that will be compensation enough *crosses fingers this fixes the problem*
                    ~Amanda and The R2Games Team
                    Use the "search" feature, your question has probably been asked before.
                    After using the search feature, if you cannot find an aswer to your question, please click to file a ticket
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                      GIT'r Done


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                        it completely makes sense, these stupid bots using macros and overloading the system.......good eye gms XD


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                          that's not too good. you should've informed us even before we planted. XD


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                            Heard when this was fixed there would be another event wonder what it is.
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                              oh well its nothign to do with our guild then... I hope u guys can maintaince fast and fix the lag... And pls merge my server too... its getting bored at my server
                              IGN: (S32)GaLon
                              Class: Noob Priest
                              Pet: Too many that i cant count
                              Guild: FTW (aka Pervy guild)
                              Love Oyster if you know what i mean