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[Patch Notes] 6/7/2012 Server Update

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  • [Patch Notes] 6/7/2012 Server Update

    1. Flying Carpet Mount - Available for only a limited time, players may purchase the Flying Carpet mount for 1,995 Crystal in the Item Shop. Click here for more information.
    2. Dragon Crystals now drop in select dungeons – All Sacrificial Relics, Killer’s Den bosses and Hitomi in Psychodelica in both Hard and Nightmare modes have a chance to drop Dragon Crystals. Nightmare mode will provide better Dragon Crystal drop rates than Hard mode.
    3. Gem Coupon Exchange – Scratched and Shining Gems can now be exchanged for Gem Coupons at the Event Master in Starglade. Gem Coupons will be bound. Exchanging a Gem for a Coupon will cost 20 silver each time.
    4. “A Day in Vidalia” rewards have changed – Aside from 1 Coupon and EXP, upon completing the “A Day in Vidalia” quest, players will now receive a Vidalian Pack. Open this pack and receive ONE of the following items:
      • 1 Hour AFK Card x 1
      • Green Dragon Coin x 1
      • 2x EXP Token x 1
      • Golden Fruit of Honor x 1
      • Lucky Coin x 2
      • 4x Offline EXP Token x 1
      • Health Orb x 1
      • Mana Orb x 1
      • Dragon Sword (3 Hours) x 1
      • Gold Honor Badge x 1
      • White Tiger (1 Day) x 1
      • Shining Gem Coupon x 1

    5. Crystal Ladder Merchants – Players will now find a permanent NPC merchant on level 40 and level 50 of the Crystal Ladder. There is a chance an additional NPC merchant will appear randomly on level 19, 31, 39, 44, 48 and 51. This NPC could appear on all of the above levels or none of them. These merchants will provide players with a BIG discounts on a variety of items, purchasable with either Crystal or gold.
    6. Seed of Life - Level 80+ players may now take part in the Seed of Life activity.

    Activities & Events
    • Added activity "Mount Upgrade Token Exchange" - More Info
    • Added activity "The Tamalan Arsenal" - More Info
    • Added activity "Lucky Guess" - More Info
    • Activity "Moving on up!" still available - More Info

    Bug Fixes
    • Karleya in both Seira Island and Holorn Cliff is no longer having identity issues. She is now appearing as a woman, as intended.
    • Level 90+ players will now receive the Ladder Balancer buff when entering the Crystal Ladder.
    • The Exelorn Hollows dungeon map has been polished and updated.
    • Fixed a bunch of typos.
    Last edited by BrotherVT; 06-07-2012, 04:22 AM.

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      Great!!! Lucky guess!!! And gmuts! Thanks a lot!


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        lol man orb. what the heck is a man orb
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          What you talking about? It says Mana Orb to me.
          The King doesn't fall so easily boys


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            yayy for everything u have done!! fantastic job =3 but still no training for lvl 80+ =( so sad
            i will give u till next week to fix it or i will throw sultanas at u you LOL


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              Man Orb x 1! what is that?

              & Where's 81+ TG.. ? need it badly.. please fix it soon.. thx
              Last edited by Caia_R21125326; 06-07-2012, 04:25 AM.
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              Looking for>
              -Genie Crystals in Consumers Points
              -More Inventory (Bag) Space & Pages
              -Pixie Crystal in Mystery Packs


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                Power.... unlimited POWER!!!!!

                Thx for the events!! must have been a busy couple of weeks..... cheers!
                Last edited by Vanator; 06-07-2012, 04:26 AM.
                Guild : (S6)RotanaV
                Hybrid Knight ( Tank favoured )


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                  I would like me some man orbs.
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                    yay... seed of life... work my tush off to get to 90... still no Training grounds to make it any easier.
                    The one and only Krysia from Sea of dreams (Thank god for that; one of me is too many!)


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                      wow Gmut even when new servers dont even have bear -.- ** man only thing i might actually get is the flying carpet thats all


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                        WOOOOOOOOOOOO,,,, GREAT
                        i LOVE THE "A day in Valdalia Event"


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                          nice ,gold badge from day in vidalia xD


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                            LOL, Amanda haha

                            Yay another way to get gold badges THANK YOU!
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                              GOLd badge from a aday in vidalia ......... awesome
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