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[Annoucement] Multiple Server Merges Scheduled for Tuesday, September 18th

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  • [Annoucement] Multiple Server Merges Scheduled for Tuesday, September 18th

    Multiple server merges for multiple servers is scheduled for Tuesday, September 18th beginning at 2:00 AM EDT (11 PM PDT). These servers will be down for approximately 6 hrs to allow for adequate testing, but could be shorter. Ultimately, there will be four servers. One being PvP on PST, another being PvE on EST, another being PvP on EST and the last being PvE on PST. Please watch this thread as there will be updates periodically.

    Server #1 (PvP on PST)
    • Windshear Peaks
    • Starglade
    • Glimmering Plains
    • Aquatic Crypts
    • Whisperwind Beach
    • Tundara
    • The Molten Highlands

    Server #2 (PvE on EST)
    • Kraken Beach
    • Mount Nubina
    • Rinulka Peninsula
    • Tinosia Delta
    • Exenden Realm
    • Crimson Groves

    Server #3 (PvP on EST)
    • Void Encampment
    • Shine of Ariel
    • Killer's Den
    • Glacial Planes
    • Sullen Dunes
    • Cimmerian Woodlands

    Server #4 (PvE on PST)
    • Cheurna Gorge
    • Amethyst Forest
    • Belas Chasm

    After the merge the following things will happen:
    1. Each character will still have a S# marker added to the front of their name. For example, (S15)RoryWilliams on Aquatic Crypts will still be (S15)RoryWillaims.
    2. All characters will be preserved, even if you have more than 3 characters between the servers.
    3. All character data will be preserved (including items, skills, pets, stats, mounts, wings, Crystal, Gold, Honor, PK rating, Nobility and VIP statuses).
    4. Guild membership, friends and black listed players will be preserved.
    5. Current quest progress will be preserved.
    6. Any items in your temporary inventory will remain; any items currently in a shop will be moved to your inventory.
    7. Dungeon attempts will be maintained.

    The following things will CHANGE:

    8. All data related to the Guild Showdown will be removed. Guild Showdown will restart at the normal time after the merge.
    9. All rankings will be recalculated.

    5:00 AM EST Update - All servers are now up and running!

  • duppon
    Originally posted by Codawg211 View Post
    Lol...still wanting that big merge, eh, Dupy? Don't worry v_v Maybe the GM's will make it like a Christmas present for ya or something.
    Ofc, one of the guy from s123 came yesterday and stated that we will get destroyed if we get merged with s123.. Yes please, my ranger hasn't got killed for so long

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  • Zealotos
    Need server merge

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  • Codawg211
    Lol...still wanting that big merge, eh, Dupy? Don't worry v_v Maybe the GM's will make it like a Christmas present for ya or something.

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  • duppon
    About time you merge s123457,no?

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  • xena6
    I play on himeng server and we were the first to merged it sucked at the begining but then again the 3 servers that merged were the 3 first ones ever made. Prices will gradually raise again so save up ur eggs and stuff
    Last edited by xena6; 09-23-2012, 08:34 AM.

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  • XxTaLoNxX
    if you view this as a positive thing then you're an idiot, sorry but server merging of this caliber only serves one purpose... to drive away customers and make players quit

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  • gunther6969
    bout time, now i want to see 1+2 mixed and 3-4 mixed

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  • hugop22
    6 servers in 1 server ..

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  • xXPesmergaXx
    Does this include the kongregate servers?

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  • genei
    cool finally..................the greates

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  • R22839071
    alice you shoulda said i would have got you some wm later

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  • Hei-S2
    lol alice u talking about guildless?

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  • rebel07
    r2games did the merge without further notice so the players will be prepared. now it seems that R2games are in deep trouble.

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  • lhesme
    this sucks on S51!!!!!!

    we are bullies here!!

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