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[FAQ] Tenets System Finally Exposed

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  • [FAQ] Tenets System Finally Exposed

    You thought it was bad back then?! Look at this now!

    This FAQ will address the following questions. You should all be aware of the basic description which is provided in the Tenet System interface. I'll put it here though just in case.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 2.51.27 AM.png
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ID:	1741942

    I. How many tenet levels are there and how much wisdom is needed?
    II. What are the stats provided at the end of each tenet level?
    III. How many Pearls of Wisdom did you use? [In this case, I will only be using Greater Pearls of Wisdom to confirm the usage amount WITHOUT the Gift Packs involved.]
    IV. Profit
    I. Tenet Names & Levels Note: Each Tenet requires that EXACT amount of wisdom required to max. It doesn't go off the previous amount.
    I.I. Magic Tenet - 7,485 Wisdom to max [ WTM ]
    I.II. Element Tenet - 17,480 WTM
    I.III. Nature Tenet - 27,775 WTM
    I.IV. Mortal Tenet - 38,810 WTM
    I.V. Spirit Tenet - 54,220 WTM
    I.VI. Regal Tenet - 64.970 WTM
    I.VII. Oracle Tenet - 79,970 WTM
    I.VIII. Sage Tenet - 96,655 WTM
    I.IX. Demon Tenet - 118,585 WTM
    I.X. Holy Tenet - 151,725 WTM
    II. Stats of Each Tenet

    Magic Tenet | Element Tenet | Nature Tenet | Mortal Tenet | Spirit Tenet | Regal Tenet | Oracle Tenet | Sage Tenet | Demon Tenet | Holy Tenet

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Magic Tenet.png
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ID:	1741943 Click image for larger version

Name:	Element Tenet.png
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ID:	1741944 Click image for larger version

Name:	Nature Tenet.png
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ID:	1741945 Click image for larger version

Name:	Mortal Tenet.png
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ID:	1741946 Click image for larger version

Name:	Spirit Tenet.png
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ID:	1741947 Click image for larger version

Name:	Regal Tenet.png
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ID:	1741948 Click image for larger version

Name:	Oracle Tenet.png
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Name:	Sage Tenet.png
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ID:	1741950 Click image for larger version

Name:	Demont Tenet.png
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ID:	1741951 Click image for larger version

Name:	Holy Tenet.png
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Size:	84.5 KB
ID:	1741952
    III. Amount of Greater Pearls of Wisdom Used

    Well, I hate to say just how expensive this system is because this is just a slap to all non-cashers in the face.
    This cost an estimated exact value of...
    329 Greater Pearls of Wisdom - which is equivalent to $3,691
    Don't you just love us?
    IV. Profit

    During times such as this full of epicness?!?!?!?!
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    WOW ! Thanks for this VT
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      thx for telling this good info bro alot asking for how much wisdom u need to max it >.<


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        $3691 is a little money for the cashier to become top 1 in ranking in new server
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          Gotta Quit~~
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            dont slap too hard


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              this is the reason i quit this game . no more chance to catch casher


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                oh no this is too expensive!!why when they invited this system they never think how expensive??whats the point for it


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                  maybe in 3-4 years of wisdom farming u'd be up there with um :P


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                    The stats you are listing for nature are actually mortal's


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                      Originally posted by mcfarm2 View Post
                      The stats you are listing for nature are actually mortal's
                      Lol these are screenshots from when I was doing it individually and carefully. Those are actually the nature stats unless someone else is able to provide the stats showing different ones.

                      That's why I took a screenshot without the name.
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                          Lol mcfarm2, that's the stats of pretty much the nature ones that haven't been upgraded but mastered to the next tenet which is Mortal.
                          All my tenets are maxed out to Lv. 9 to show you the end results of each tenet which is also the start of each tenet.
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                            Okay, so if I'm to understand this correctly, at least the basics of it.... The larger yellow tenets at the bottom, those five add up to make one of the blue bubbles. And the blue bubbles add together to make what's shown on the the "____ Tenet" bar in the center.... Right? And each little piece you add (be it blue, yellow or both) adds in to the bar stat boosts. And if I'm right.. then all 9 blue bubbles, plus the 5 bottom yellow bubbles add up to make the base stat boost on the next tenet level.... Basically, the bar in center is a running total of all the bubbles you've added onto it, right?
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                              Yes, all the blue bubbles and yellow bubbles all accumulate to equal the full amount in the center where it will say Lv. 9 (Name) Tenet.
                              The amount you see in the next Tenet is not an extra amount from the previous amount, rather, it's all accumulated to equal one full total amount which is in the end results, what you will get at the Holy Tenet.
                              The King doesn't fall so easily boys