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Server DC Daily S94

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  • #61
    i have to get ready for work soon, i dont even think i should try to set up afk for it since it will more then likely crash


    • #62
      Originally posted by zentox View Post
      Ok this can't be just a coincidence. I think someone is purposely hacking the server to do this... I am not sure who but why would this happen at EVERY Dragonspire battleground
      I agree completely. EVERY event its doing this 9 days straight... Someone needs to investigate R2 games for fraud because that's exactly what it is. You pay monthly fee for this and yet they are too chickensheet to at least post updates on whats going on instead they use mods to relay info. What a crock of sheet.


      • #63
        Again the server went down...
        For like the 3th time in a row...
        I guess we won't be able to do Fairy Search or even Sengolia if the server wont get back up soon....
        Plzz Plzzzzz R2 hurry & fix the server issues!!
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        Server - S86 ''Feldspar''

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        We're not dead!!
        We're not like you said!!


        • #64
          Well looks like no afk for me I have work in one hour and have to start getting ready because it takes me 20 mins to get there so much for that


          • #65
            I don't mind the server being down as long as its going to fix the issues.. BUT they do need to put out an announcement .. ie like this.. sorry for the inconvenience we are having some technical difficulties with our site you will be unable to log in for 48hrs until we have the issue resolved.. server will remain offline till 11/04/16 and will resume at 14.00 pm GMT

            that is how u run a site.. its not good enough to just leave the players hanging till they just throw it back up


            • #66
              that would be perfect if they did that


              • #67
                yep and its not hard for them to let the mods no and the mods post it on forums its also more polight and atleast there telling us there working oin it


                • #68
                  umm ok *** going on half my items have disappeared and I cant use the slots they have disipeared from... 1st spot in my inventory has just vanished and cant be used anymore...

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	cr2.png
Views:	1
Size:	525.9 KB
ID:	1724395

                  SEARIOUSLY!!!!!!!!! SITES DOWN YET AGAIN this is beyond a joke 3rd time today its spat me out of a dungeon..
                  yesterday spat me out of delivery got no gold for completing delivery and today 3 of my 8 nm vaults wasted
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                  • #69
                    server is down again -.-


                    • #70
                      Originally posted by silentzoner View Post
                      umm ok *** going on half my items have disappeared and I cant use the slots they have disipeared from... 1st spot in my inventory has just vanished and cant be used anymore...
                      That would be due to a preexisting inventory glitch that occurs when the character is logged out a funny way, most likely a result of the server's hiccup. To fix it, all you need to do is exit out of your toon, log out of the site, refresh your browser, and log back in.


                      • #71
                        Mhm down still.


                        • #72
                          this is so frustrating, why cant they fix this??


                          • #73
                            yer its fine again fixed it when the server crashed again and let me in.. but server crashed yet again.. I kinda think sum1 needs to teach the server how to hold its breath and stand on its head while drinking watter..

                            can u tell the devs to let me have a crack at there coding.... cause im pretty sure I could fix this better than they are doing.. and at least id post an update on predicted server downtime

                            well its confirmed.. sum1 is definatly hacking DS
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                            • #74
                              crashed yet again wth


                              • #75
                                They need to learn to code and fix their game, its an issue as to why tons of people aren't cashing on such a buggy *** game.
                                Coding isn't easy but as owners you cannot ignore an issue and when people ask for a refund, they can get banned no problem.
                                This type of bull should be "illegal".
                                The Laws of This World...I'LL DESIDE THEM!