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Cant recharge !!!! Gm please

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  • Cant recharge !!!! Gm please

    Can a GM tell me why my damn credit card is refusing... till 2day now... NOT the first time i buy Xtals with this credit never have problem with this card ( they says your credit card has be decline ) but whyyyy......

  • #2
    u have toask the company that handles the payment not R2. its probably the bug that says your computer ip address is different than your information you provide before making a purchase. use a different payment method.


    • #3
      I can't complete crystal transactions with my cards or PayPal either, so I just use Ultimate Game Cards as a payment method. It does the trick if you want to look into it. :3


      • #4
        try to recharge from web site instead of in game


        • #5
          You can file a ticket here however it may take a bit if time to be resolved so if you would like to purchase crystals soon , I would recommend purchasing UGC and doing it that way until the issue can be resolved.


          • #6
            or choose a different payment method. for example you can go thru the r2 site and if u have a mastercard there is an option to recharge thru mastercard instead of playspan or skrill. much better than hunting down a UGC card online and having to go thru the trouble of activating it online, then seting up an ultimate pay account to redeem ur remaining balance from the ugc.