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failed to login!!!

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  • failed to login!!!

    i have a problem just a few minute ago after i do some transaction to sell some puri then i quit the game by closing it then when i want to sign in again i can't sign but it were redirected to on the other hand usually i just need requested proxy or sending clarification to facebook

    Click image for larger version

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    please answer my i can't sign in my character.. my character name houndini lvl 53

    answer to my email
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    Dude, try to delete your browser's cache/history/cookies.

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      failed to login!!!

      i have 2 char in my account but i cant enter my other char to the game but the other one char it will so what should i do...


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        thank you so much!!! i can enter the game now


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          are you trying to play both at the same time


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            You can have up to three characters per account, but you can only have one character online at a time per account. If you try to log in a character that is attached to the account you are currently playing, and you already have a character logged in from that account, it will boot the other character off line.

            So if you want to run more than one character at a time, you need to make a new account to do so.

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              me too.. the info said "login failed : failed to connect to server" what should i do?


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                cleared history cache cookies and still redirects


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                  i mean is i can't enter my main char so that i try my other char, and then i enter to the game so i log out again and try my main char but it can't enter...
                  i think map of Kaymo Mountain is bug map for me cause i enter my 2 other accounts and i stock loading with 0Kb/s 0%...
                  and actualy my main char is stock again...


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                    you need to do maintenance on your computer, clear all browsing data defrag it optimize it for performance and switch browsers


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                      Try using a different browser or restarting your router.
                      I always use opera and I never get any issues.


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                        Moved to general support.