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lost u2snarf

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  • lost u2snarf

    i have a toon on ugame i did the npc thing but my toon aint here. this aint right i am being told that i lost my guild and my marrige and i cant get my toon on i had 13462 crystals on it and a good toon and now i might not have any thing? u2kapata cant get on eithere . i will keep trying but 4 hours now and cant yet. i cashed and this is what i get i really liked this game but i will not start over so if u cant do some thing for me soon i will have to find a nothere game to give my money to.
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    Have you filed a ticket yet? If not please do so at explain the situation and see what can be done to help.

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      Did you trying login from server # 25?


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        I did and I talk to the npc to get here on ugame I even made sure I had talk to it.


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          yes I did a ticket how long could this take ?


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            Originally posted by Chaosx2 View Post
            yes I did a ticket how long could this take ?
            Toon retrieval is tricky business, so we unfortunately cannot provide you with a for-sure time of retrieval. However, you can post your ticket number here and we'll forward it for you in the event that the ticket team is backed up.


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              I keep trying to find out what is going on with the 6 missing toons but aint getting any where I was ask for my info that I gave the npc I gave u that over a day ago and still took u less than 6 hours to move most of the server but u cant find 6 toons in 2 days I don't no about this.i no 4 of the toons have a lot of money put into them and I no 2 of them ahave some crystals on them now and I was going to spend some on the sale but no toon.