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Divine Soul is a RIP OFF

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  • Divine Soul is a RIP OFF

    I am currently lvl 80 Divine Soul with Purple slayers gear Click image for larger version

Name:	divinesoul.png
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ID:	1749241 Seriously!! those stats are horrible and look at the cost to get it 1+2+3+4... etc soul stars this should be fixed if you plan to get any more dummies to spend money on it.

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    +14 all? o.o


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      that is sad......but what am i lookin at enchant wise on the gear? are these items enchanted? more info plz


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        I highly suggest investments in other features, as Divine Soul is far too expensive for the boosts it adds. Perhaps Tenet?


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          Decent enchants on all... majority +8, gloves and boots +13


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            wow that is crappy then. not worth it at all. needs be changed to maybe 70% stats added cause 30% is junk


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              This is the reason why i didn't even bother working with it. Level 40 is good enough and if you go higher? that is your choice.
              Originally posted by Dr.Q
              Hm... best Tenet level, or home mortgage payment... what to do, what to do...


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                Im sure it wont stay at earthly soul, they have probably already planned heavenly soul/celestial soul with better stats or bonus stats/skills just be patient

                its always a good idea to max things just in case
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                  It says specifically 30% of stats, you should have done the math before you cashed it to know what you are getting.


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                    agree with the big ol teddy above me.


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                      Unfortunally with with the Divine Soul you dont actually know what stats are being transferred, I know its says 30% but it is NOT 30% of all stats or a set of stats. It is very much all over the place.

                      I put a perfect Frag I into my Divine Soul and got 2k PATK increase but nothing else from it, so it took the 30% off the PATK in white and Green and the Strength in Green too, but gave me nothing from any of the other stats.

                      Also I have Savage purple and it only gave me a small Crit and Dodge boost and none of the other stats. Dont know if that made any sense LOL, but I the stat % it gives it very much random and all over the place.

                      Same with the gems, only gem that works is Garnets no other gem just garnets, dont know if people know that either.

                      Also Enchanting some of the equipment works in boosting the stats but them enchanting others dont....

                      I personally think there needs to be a very clear notice on where the 30% comes off, because at the moment it is very much random
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                        If it gave 30% of all stats it might be worth it, but since it only hives 30% of 12 stats out of the 29 different stat types that each char has and that is not including boosts like patk/str/hp+% etc., it is a pretty stingy and dumb system, I have mine at 30 and will keep it there!


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                          Pointless system only aimed for bored individuals. Shouldve spent the money on tenets. Ideally this system is:
                          1) Expensive source of white stats, so real stats are different from what they look in the pic. Focus should be at L30 DS, make an imba perf-14 fuse, equip and fullstop.
                          2) This would not aid knights as much as it would aid rogues/rangers if you only put class specific gears. Rogues can mix slayer with general armour drops from psy at level 80 DS to gain greater dodge or hit % for rangers. You could also do that to gain additional critical and hit %. However with tenets now this boost would only have ticklish effect.
                          3) Technically this system is useful to be used to aid non-rogue/ranger classes to achieve high crit/hit builds. HoE is more appropriate than shield off-hand in that case.

                          Just speaking from my POV thats all. Indeed very costly but unless you were looking forward for 100% crit build with high hit rating for knight its kind of pointless.