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Crystal Saga in Brazil

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    Crystal saga in brazil

    Crystal Saga in Brazil [ pls pls pls pls pls pls ]


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      crystal saga in Brazil

      q wanted to ask you guys levacem the crystal saga to Brazil and because plays in the US serves
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        Crysal Saga In Brazil !

        pls, gogogo crystal saga in brazil !


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          Hello , I am Brazilian , I love Crystal saga, another company is distributing the "Asa de cristal " and spoiled the game itself is very good, R2Games is a competent and well-known company , please help Brazilians. #CrystalSagaInBrazil


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            Rev said many times - R2 can ONLY run CS in USA, and Brazil doesn't seem to be a part of USA


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              Cristal saga no Brasil

              bring Crystal saga to Brazil please : D


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                Crystal Saga in Brazil !

                Hello, I come here to ask you to bring the Crystal Saga to Brazil you will gain a lot of players here in Brazil, please think about it...
                By: Armaggeddon


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                  Crystal Saga in Brazil
                  Please bring the saga to the crystal Brazil, several Brazilians are quite addicted to the game feel more difficulty in translating from English to Portuguese


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                    game addiction is bad for you #16


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                      It wont happen as told by Reverie. Stop being stubborn and accept the truth.
                      ''Never Judge A Book By It's Cover''


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                        hmm rev, we have chinese version, us version spanish version, is there maybe a sort of site or support group about this they can go to?? to make it start it a bit, or maybe find a sort like 'cs' game.. different name and all that but same context??

                        maybe these ways or advice can get them started... brazilians r rather stubborn on reading advice like you have found out ^^
                        don't wanna burn down the statement, but it'll focus them on their goal maybe #14

                        And for the rest of you, she understands what you want and going for. but she is not allowed to go into the rules of her own country, she has no decission in it, it's like a 1woman show that goes against rules, the law and ignoring other important
                        mathers. or else you try to find other sites, with likewise games, or you can suck it up and play further on usa cs/chinese cs
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                          Originally posted by 59-Riggie View Post
                          hmm rev, we have chinese version, us version spanish version, is there maybe a sort of site or support group about this they can go to??
                          A Brazilian version of CS already exists. The point brought up was that said version has a corrupted support team and would like R2 to host one in their place (which we legally cannot do due to licensing) in hopes of achieving fair gameplay.
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                            Crystal Saga no Brasil.

                            I've been through this topic to know about Crystal Saga in Brazil because the crystal wing platforms here are increasingly corrupt and capitalist order only ideology that cash will always be the strongest. As I most Brazilians playing Crystal Wing are waiting for the Crystal Saga in Brazil, we play for a cleaner and correct game which is not only aimed capitalism. THANKS IN ADVANCE.
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                              Hello, im brazilian player, i like that idea but its impossible!
                              Crystal Saga R2games its a first Crystal game. of that type, but its autorized for distribuct that game for U.S, nothing for brazil, for brazil gamesow netwok buy if from and it has the brazil asa de crystal (crystal saga) authorization for distribuct that

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                                server Brazilian crystal saga

                                I would ask for but a Brazilian server crystal saga

                                thank you