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Crystal Saga in Brazil

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    lol IF there was ever a Brazilian server half of CS's population would be on that server. and they weren't kidding about how it would gain more money for r2 considering how most Brazilian players I know cash their hearts out on a new server to be #1 and give out guild kos threats lol. But you cant have it lollll, listen to the many posts that Rev has said :-:


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      Originally posted by borax337 View Post
      Crystal Saga in Brazil

      Please bring the saga to the crystal Brazil, several Brazilians are quite addicted to the game feel more difficulty in translating from English to Portuguese .... If you have seen it many thanks.

      -Goten s85
      gosto muito de crystal saga 1 e 2 gostaria de jogar em português até mesmo pagaria VIP ,CRYSTAL SAGA BRASIL R2GAMES
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