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Order Drops, Dragon Coins, Packs, Announcement

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  • Order Drops, Dragon Coins, Packs, Announcement

    while playing the game, i notice some things we need to be replaced

    the orders - i suggest that orders drop from their level mobs. at level 140, we do not need the white/green/blue orders no more. i suggest taking them off from < lv139 mobs. at level 149, we do not need the gold/purple orders no more, i suggest taking them off from lv149 mobs. or make them at least upgradable. 3 pieces to next rank and so on.

    dragon coins - animation is so time consuming. i suggest to put an skip animation option

    packs - i suggest removing the opening packs delay so we can still open packs while grinding

    system announcement - we can upgrade in private in a way that our upgrades are not announced, i suggest them to be removed. we do not need to boast our upgrades. some people will just be jealous. like this guy LavaGods. keep accusing people cheater because they get stronger than him or get upgrades that he cannot get. i bet each and every person in the game has already been reported from this guy alone.

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    Hi, the suggestions for the dragon coins, packs and system notifications have been forwarded recently.
    To file a ticket with support for assistance click here


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      ok. and then?


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        When suggestions are forwarded they are taken into consideration. This does not mean they will be implemented into the game immediately or at all.
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