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Dragon hook Needs some editing.

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  • Dragon hook Needs some editing.

    Now Tidal Arrow knockbacks a massive 300 Game meters, (not sure on the measurement used) and a 18 second cool down.
    Archers are Ranged combants, and only have range to win fights.

    However dragon hook can and will pull you in within your MAX attack range , AND while your flying backwards your affectingly stunned, While my issue isn't with the stun that follows after its the fact the attack itself maxxed has 450 + 15 seconds cool down. I believe personally the skill should have a slightly reduced ranged and more damage to make up for the range increase..However read and make your own comment.

  • #2
    dragon hook doesn't deal damage o.o its a dragon hook + root/stun combo that deals the damage. as a knight, i personally feel hook should have a shorter cooldown to match a mage's blink. :/
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      Hook should be better TBH cuz as a knight i cant really afford hook more than lvl 1 and if ur running hook fails like 80% of the time and i cant get the person running
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        Mages are just OP with blink but at level 5 its like undodgeable. If your ganna change or keep it do it so knockbacks can be used during the pull back ;p


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          Actually once you rebirth level 5 hook is fine.. the 12 extra skill points =)
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            I wouldn't mind seeing hooks cooldown tweaked just a tiny bit. Got a ways to go before I have free points to spend on it, but currently, the cooldown on it just makes it a one and done kind of deal :/
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              15sec cooldown is awesome :/ Tidal arrow has 18sec cooldown and we actually need to rely on that knockback in order to survive a hook from same-level knight.
              If the cooldown on hook were to be changed you would need to change Blink from mages and Tidal Arrow for rangers. While 15sec seems a perfectly fine cooldown as it is since 18sec cooldown works just as well for the opposite version.
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