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stamina bug

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  • stamina bug

    S1 nocturnas tears

    dont want to complain but getting +5 stamina every few seconds cant post screenshots now as i have to go to work now

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    happening to me too


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      Bug on S4 ! Stamina Grown Continuosly !

      Today after i did all things i just refresh page and i saw stamina 300 again... and again and again and again... is not my foult if something is happened here...

      and yes ofc i used all that stamina lol ))) who dont ?

      Now when i want to log in game show me that error.. whats that ?

      Click image for larger version

Name:	ErrorLOA.jpg
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ID:	1700808


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        you could have just added onto the other thread made for this issue instead of making a new one


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          wow you guys fix the stamina bug fast since its screws you

          you can fix a damn stamana bug since it has effect on you guys in gaining cash/players spending diamonds to fill it but if was a bug that would steal from us like not recieve rewards or zodiac bugg you guys let it go an fix it when you feel like it. an then give us compansation that has no use to any one. you guys are realy great i clap my hands to this game an its developers (CLAP , CLAP) now you guys need give out compansation to the players who never got to use this bug as its un fair for them.


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            Stamina bug - Will there be any fixes for abusers?

            So due to time change there was a bug where you gained stamina every second instead of every 1/2 hour and many people on my server are now 2-3 levels ahead.

            Will anything be done about this bug abuse? Or are the people that weren't online to abuse it going to be punished with considerably less levels, gold, angel tears, and holy stones?
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              Doubt it.

              You can try sending ticket in requesting comp...but yeah. Most likely will get ignored.
              This is Eisia


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                im glad i didnt catch that bug :P

                i even wanna turn off auto EXP :P
                League of Angels

                S94 Lonewind Forest
                Magus Rynd


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                  Its confined to EST pretty much, DST shift broke the system clock so they had to fix it fast. It lasted pretty much only 1 hr after the DST change. So basically this morning 2-3 am EST time
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                    This was on a PST server for me. Happened at the same time.


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                      Originally posted by R21934883 View Post
                      This was on a PST server for me. Happened at the same time.
                      Oh? So PST server at 2 am PST? or 11 pm PST (2 am EST)?
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                        It happened at 2-3am PST, so it probably happened on every server at that server time.


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                          the bug wasn't sta for my server it was raider rewards u could spam take alot of ppl got a few free upgrades or jsut +2k bless stone


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                            2k bless is nothing... won't even be enough for a single hero ups +15


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                              awesome bugs!!!
                              Low lvl Mystic at S77