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    they have no time to fix bugs now they all bussy to try to hide the truth


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      I joked the other day they should give everyone 20k tycoon points for the errors, well now it's not so funny.

      Seriously you don't need screenshots to waste time with and hide behind, man up and give appropriate compensation for this shambles of a system.

      It is basically a chat room right now, so many things are broken on S17 Guardian Angels, and its doesn't take a genius and 1000 screenshots to see the same situation everywhere else.

      To hold any kind of face at this point in time I would automatically give everyone the 105k reward in Tycoon, and the 120k Tycoon point reward from hot events, because there are hundreds of players who would of got these if the game was actually working.

      Stop hiding behind holiday season, no staff, and worst send us screenshots to debug your game and prove to us its not working quite frankly its an insult and a disgrace at this point in time. You have staff log on a few random servers and see for yourself its not difficult and I would expect this when things are working.

      Best Regards
      Somewhat annoyed subscriber


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        name:dragonel server 43 (ua12) log failed raider,arena,totem, cs. Question: what is working now?


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          At s39 is that problem too


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            Char Name: Edy Alex
            Server & Region : S39 - EU EST
            Issues :Arena doesn't work same problem log failed and dark abyss and totems and raiders ..... i dont make screenshotes is same as alll


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              Char Name: shiva
              Server & Region : s39 archangel - europe
              Issues : Raid attempts, Arena, Garden enslave, Clash of might, Wyrm race, Cross Clash of might, Totems, Cross server, Dark abyss, Cross wyrm race.


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                Char Name:EttyJin
                server region:s17 giardian angels - europe
                Issues: Raid attempts,clash of might,cross clash of maight


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                  Char Name: Granger
                  Server & Region : S168 Felbrook - EU
                  Issues : Arena, Clash of might, X-Server (Divine Realm) Clash of Might, Cross Server. Probably the others as well haven't done them yet.

                  Screenshots: Sick of sending them.

                  Lots of points being lost in Tycoon and getting tired of seeing things bugged every 2 days
                  Server S168 Felbrook

                  IGN: Granger


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                    Char Name: Staynight
                    S8 - Captive Amora
                    Can attack in raiders, arena, totem, dark abyss (at least i tried these).
                    I think there is no meaning of link screenshots, coz u got way too many. (but if u still need then i can)


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                      Don't know why have to take screenshots while half of game is under distraction
                      To me is not working Arena fights,
                      Raiders fights
                      clash of might
                      gardens fights
                      All the same message,that means we have problem with fights


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                        S71 EU

                        Arena Dark Abyss

                        all login fail


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                          Name: Tauriel
                          Server: S202, Warlord 's Haven
                          Timezone: EU

                          This morning everything was still working fine, did dark abyss once, did one attack in CoM, but now those are giving the errors as depicted above. I already did TD, but it seems broken now too. Maybe someone else from my server will post that

                          Features: So here is CoM, CS war and Dark Abyss:
                          Click image for larger version

Name:	loggg.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	740.9 KB
ID:	1708942Click image for larger version

Name:	logggg.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	493.4 KB
ID:	1708943Click image for larger version

Name:	logggggg.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	793.8 KB
ID:	1708944

                          edit: on my server. TD and TA work But CS CoM can be added to the broken features. Here is hoping to gauntlet working, especially with tycoon on.
                          Last edited by Tauriel[S202]; 02-27-2015, 02:38 PM.


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                            S91 - European

                            TOTEMS / INFERNO / com /ARENA / DA / RIDERS / GARDEN ENSLAVE / ETERNAL SPIRE - (MANUAL BLITZ NOT WORKING ) + cs gone from today

                            So could say about 70 % of the game is OOO.

                            Whats the point of even logging on?

                            totems not working - daily loss - ~ 400 sacrifice
                            Inferno - daily loss ~ 100 seraph + elements
                            Com / arena - don't care much
                            garden - don't care
                            DA - daily loss about 400-500 bless daily
                            CS - daily loss - 12 chests

                            I believe compensation for this is going to be - 30 stamina 100 vouchers 10 tears and possibly some soulstones.(well compensated)

                            Sorry no screens, as i'm a little tired of PROVING stuff to any big guys here.

                            P.S this is rly a way to run the game.


                            The Godless Wolf appears once in a thousand years. When he does appear, the entire world cowers in fear. This wild beast believes in nothing but the complete destruction of everything that is, was and ever will be. the gods are extremely proud of the raw power within the animal they had created, wanted to tame this frightening beast. Refusing to be told what to do, the Godless Wolf escaped, and vowed to never subdue his rage until every god was destroyed.


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                              Tenkrelima, EU, S 91 (FIREBLADE RIDGE)

                              Same problems here as Vei posted TOTEMS / INFERNO / CoM /ARENA / DA / RIDERS / GARDEN ENSLAVE / ETERNAL SPIRE - (MANUAL BLITZ NOT WORKING ) CS
                              Last edited by tenkrelima; 02-27-2015, 02:50 PM.


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                                [S69] Foultusk Lair