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  • #91
    S168 Fellbrook

    TA Log Failed
    Team Dungeon Log Failed
    Arena Log Failed
    Dark Abyss Log Failed
    Unable to get into CS at all

    unable to load screenshots, pretty sure you guys got the idea from all other screenshots posted

    Hope this gets fixed soon.


    • #92
      Originally posted by solowingpixy View Post
      and now team arena as well, 2 fights ok, than needed to refresh on loging and after that log failed
      Same just happened here 2 fights was ok, then log failed. Attempts have now been stuck at 8/10 ever since..


      • #93
        and now CoM is log failed too, arena log failed but counts for cloth shards, not sure is it works on CoM
        S 118 - Evil's Bane - IGN solowingpixy
        now S-UA56 without our will->UB38 now
        Guild - Lunatic Cafe
        UC 27 current server

        You are really alive when you have someone to die for


        • #94
          Not sure it was posted yet

          IGN: Petal
          Server: S231 Withering Fen
          Region: EU
          Issues: Team Arena Log Failed in the 8:30 - 9:30 server time period
          Unable to provide screenshots but bug can be easily verified I suppose.
          IGN Petal
          Server S231 Withering Fen


          • #95
            Char Name: Angie
            Server & Region : S63 ua22 EU
            Issues : (TA Log Failed, CS still an issue for 35 days.) Arena attempts not counting towards because of this either. We can't claim peking shards.
            Screenshots :


            Click image for larger version

Name:	Untitled_03.png
Views:	1
Size:	411.5 KB
ID:	1709007


            • #96
              seriously...nothing is working here.Not just the things virani added, now it's dark abyss and ta here too...
              and then you put an event like this one???
              Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot (17).png
Views:	1
Size:	765.3 KB
ID:	1709011

              You can't be serious about this...can you???This is so ridiculous guys.If you want to scare your players away, well done.
              Finally do something against all those bugs.If you have to close down servers to find the problem and take care of it, then make an announcement and close it for some days.This would be better than least something would happen!!! But the way it is right now??? No way!!!

              S170 The Silver Shore (and another) EU-Server
              all is broken, no use for screenshots, just fix it!!!!Pls....


              • #97
                all the same on S184
                Character : Airtight
                Server : S184 (Poisonous Abyss)


                • #98
                  s165 - eu

                  NOTHING WORKS - garden enslave, com, arena, td, da, raid in raiders, wyrm - everything that requires a battle is broken - as it is on every other server. u need to fix this and fix it now.


                  • #99
                    S168 Felbrook
                    IGN: Granger

                    Everything is screwed again, anything where a battle is no longer works.

                    Throw in some seraphs on compensation please, not getting as many from Inferno with it being bugged again.
                    Server S168 Felbrook

                    IGN: Granger


                    • Server: [184] Poisonous Abyss

                      I'm getting these "Log failed - refresh browser" issues when I try to do anything that involves automatic fight. That is:
                      - Arena
                      - Clash of might (both serverintern and Divine Realm)
                      - Raiders
                      - Totems
                      - Teamarena (since today, was working fine the day before)
                      - Cross-wyrmrace

                      Teamdungeon was working just after reset for me. Gaunlet was working fine.
                      Attached Files
                      Last edited by R271923973; 03-01-2015, 10:12 AM. Reason: Cross-wyrm broken, too since today (added screenshot)
                      Server: [184] Poisonous Abyss
                      InGame Name: Cherrya
                      Guild: Most Wanted


                      • I'm not being funny but it's been a whole week of disaster within LoA community starting with cross-server, there's multiple people from all servers reporting same issues... from cs all way through to not being able to do their gardens.. i'm sure it's not hard for r2games or gtarcade to fix these bugs and for people to tell them they need fixing surely you know that theres issues within your game already that need to be fixed.

                        Listed: "Log Failed, Please Refresh Your Browser"

                        1. Cross server [Might be fixed but takes a whole week to fix?]
                        2. Clash of might
                        3. Arena
                        4. Dark abyss
                        5. Totems [On some people's accounts]
                        6. Team Arena
                        7. Inferno
                        8. Team Dungeon
                        9. Gardens [on some people's accounts]

                        I don't think i need to post screenshots if everybody is having the same issues, you really need to fix them i can see alot of people quitting over this, community/customers are always right and yet game companies still never do anything fast about them or you give out lousy compensations.. with this game alot of people like to keep busy but cannot with all these bugs around

                        IGN: TrixyFairy
                        Server: s148 Undertaker's Fee
                        League Of Angels:
                        IGN: (S148)TrixyFairy
                        Eidolon: Lv.73 - Mystic
                        Guild: Mortalis

                        IGN: (S148)Ghoulina
                        Scion: Lv.61 - Mystic
                        Guild: Mortalis


                        • This ** when nothing works and you do not get your devotion points because the system is so freaking bugged

                          S129 Stormbrink Hold



                          • clash of might and arena are down for me . Server S8


                            • Originally posted by MagusRynd View Post
                              IGN: Magus Rynd

                              Server: S94 (GMT)

                              Log failed in CoM.

                              Originally posted by MagusRynd View Post
                              today raiders got log failed error as well.

                              solo arena, abyss and totem are working fine fer me. CoM and raiders are bugged.
                              Originally posted by MagusRynd View Post
                              add TD and CS CoM to the list of bugged as well.
                              add solo arena and totem to the list of bugged.
                              League of Angels

                              S94 Lonewind Forest
                              Magus Rynd


                              • this is getting annoying!

                                how are we supposed to collect those clothing shards with all this shtt going on?

                                and its only with R2 servers. GTA servers are working fine.
                                League of Angels

                                S94 Lonewind Forest
                                Magus Rynd