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  • AzureLight
    S92 Endless Sea
    ONCE AGAIN log fail in Demonic War (alliance - Fun Palace)



      Problem with Demonic War


      • only thing that's supposed to have *bugs* are gardens and ironically , haven't seen much of those past few days .

        but seriously 99.999% of us are all having the same issues , it shouldn't take 11 pages of reports for these issues to be fixed.
        as far as i can see dev's have made no efforts to fix this ongoing game break down ,yet we are no longer getting comp,
        and to add insult to injury and really rub salt in the wounds we have an event that requires us to complete tasks which are bugged.........
        you could put compo back on and give us those Peking shards in with the comp package till you get this sorted out.......... if the game was working we'd all get them ,so it's not like your losing out on anything.


        • new events with clothes and nothing works....


          • The last HIGHLANDER s143 all things bugged.... this is my favor foto today

            Click image for larger version

Name:	alone.jpg
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ID:	1709019


            • s168 frlbrook

              totaly the same position nothing works where need to kill some one


              • Originally posted by execut1onal View Post
                Server s91Fireblade
                Bug1 : Totems bugged
                Bug2: Raiders not bugged
                Bug3: Eternal Spire bugged
                Bug4: Dark Abyss not working (Just noticed)
                Will be back with LE if i find something else thats not working

                LE: Arena is not working as well
                s168 totaly the same noting works where ned to kill some one


                • how many players need to tell u nothing work before u gonna fix it
                  only gem spire wb work rest dont

                  why is compesation gone all still bugged
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                  • also log failed garden enslaving
                    s168 amorita Click image for larger version

Name:	log.jpg
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ID:	1709020


                    • where not having different issues,, all servers are having same problem.. so i don't see the point of asking a SS,. knowing moderators are playing too.. your just putting some events for us to spend money again on a game that is already been broken.. really frustrating, i really love this game, even spend much money on it... but now. spending money for a broken game is a big NO,NO.
                      .Really disappointing , the first thing this problem occurred , it is already been posted, at that point its is still few prob. but seems like devs didn't bother to do a thing, and now almost all quest and PVP is broken...


                      • devs are back lets see results
                        day1: 100 new way for recharge 2 buy hot events and non bugs fixed
                        day2: new bugs and beach/angel quiz
                        day3: almost nothing work still all bugged and lucky tree
                        day4: still suprice but i expect tomorrow nothing work and new spend event

                        keep up the good job and u have holiday soon again


                        • EU 146 Fort Blackreach

                          Totem , Arena , CoM , Divine CoM , TA, Raiders


                          • whats broken on s69 , and same on alot of european servers
                            1 DNS prob connecting to game alot
                            2 Raiders Raid dont work 3 days now
                            3 Team Dungeon dont work for 4th or 5th day now
                            4 Cross server dont work for 4th day now
                            5 Clash of Might for 3rd day now
                            6 Arena Fights dont work for 3rd day
                            7 Dark Abyss dont work for 2nd day
                            8 Divine Real CoM dont work 3 days
                            9 Divine Realm Demonic War is bugged as hell
                            10 Tarot still not back its down for a month ... i want my points back for the dia's i spend there with tycoon events
                            11 TA broken for 4 days now
                            S69 Foultusk Lair
                            IGN Jm4nsk1
                            Guild BloodOath
                            Alliance BloodOath
                            lvl 100 BR 43 Mil


                            • Since you have plenty of screenshots by now, are we going to get a heads up on when a fix is going to be applied? Cause current bugs have killed the game a bit, if you know what i mean.

                              Being unable to properly participate in Wyrm Race ( no attacks), CoM, Asgard CoM, Totems, Dark Abyss , Arena and now TD means that there is almost nothing left to do in this game, plus all the events that are dependent on devotion or number of attacks made or w/e are unable to be fulfilled.

                              And on top of that, there are no compensation now. But , thankfully, Recharge button works properly.
                              I'll be more than happy to give you my money, if you give me back my game. Deal?


                              • More screenshots

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	log 1.jpg
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                                Click image for larger version

Name:	log 3.jpg
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ID:	1709024

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	log 2.jpg
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ID:	1709025

                                Server (186) Heaven of Lapha
                                IGN: Zephyr
                                IGN: Zephyr
                                S(186) Heaven of Lapha