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  • Crazy Easter

    Recharge and you can get diamons every day for 3 days but its dosent work I can collect any at all

    I recharge 2000 dia and try to recharge 1000 but still it dosent work .

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    Think it is recharge today and get dias the NEXT 3 days. So you should be able to collect tomorrow.
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      I cant recharge any amount of diamonds. It says problem with card, but there isn't. I called bank to verify all is ok. I even used a different card but it still wont let me charge any diamonds


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        why do u even care to recharge when the game is at the peak of its bug problem...duh :/


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          if you make a paypal account and use that you shouldnt have a problem


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            yeah I have recharge today but its say 2/4 because I have do it after reset but its use to work any way I have done it before and where was no problem at all ...

            and yes where are many bug`s but we all hope they get it fix I cant still use Hexate sword or exchange it to something else .....

            so support plz and yes I say it again dont make new servers before we can move our character to a new one if you cant get S162 to work whit out bug`s


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              I can tell who will as we "Been silenced" thank


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                Originally posted by Chilina View Post
                so support plz and yes I say it again dont make new servers before we can move our character to a new one if you cant get S162 to work whit out bug`s
                Keep hoping Chilina... Can't you see that no moderator or admin answers? They're too busy making money... Believe it or not, we made a reunion on our server and 91% (you read it well) of active players sent simultaneously complaints to R2Games about the bugs, including the fact that cross server wyrm race only works 2 hours a day every 3 days, if any.... Besides other problems, like bugs on TA and so on... I bet you can imagine their reply... You're right: nothing... nada... rien.... etc... So if you get a reply from any admin pls let me know And I hope they won;t charge me more than 100 USD (wich means 10.000 diamonds, which means 100 WHOLE angel tears, meaning 1 buck each, according to their "shop" lol) for my post.


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                  Please read the description on the event before doing anything and call it a bug.
                  Recharge diamonds on 3rd of April, then receive the extra on the next 3 days.
                  Example : You recharge 5k diamonds on 3rd of April.
                  On 4th, 5th and 6th you will get 2k ( making a total of 6k ).

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