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Cross-server War Bugs

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  • i still can't get cross server to go past the queing screen, runs 30 mins then stalls then back to 30 min queing , i have never even gotten past this screen so much as 1 time , been playing the game 2 weeks , lvl 54 with over 850k br , would hate to stop spending and playing because i can not advance from lack of the prizes in cross server that help to advance heros , please fix this , i would love to try this part of the game at least ONCE... server S13 valkeries call , my name is



    • It can take a bit to enter in CS, keep trying please, and also level.
      It's a bit hard for lower levels to enter, but after it will be easier.

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      • i have que'd a dozen times , in 7 days and not once has it opened past the que screen , mine simply doesn't work , to tell me something about lvl's is a sorry answer , i am well above a lot of other players who can use the thing anytime they want to , more fixing , less excuses please , i have put in work tickets for this that tell me to come here and this is the answer i get , hmm maybe this isn't the game for my money


        • still haven't gotten in,. are you going to fix it or what ??????????????????????????????????


          • Can not get in to CS...tried several times so tired of the constant lag and bugs. Paying players are quitting everyday...fix the game before adding more junk for us to do or buy.How hard is this to understand.

            S249 Sentinel City
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            • Hello,in S269's servers,any cs party during few days,server have just begins 2 weeks ago



              • party selection grouping is messed up thats why.


                • Originally posted by Tmerritt View Post
                  I can not enter Cross server the que clock goes to 0 and I have to click it again.
                  Same here.
                  Qued 7 times and timer just ran down.

                  Server 7
                  Get a life, they said.
                  I'm a GAMER, I replied,I have LOTS of lives


                  • now 2 days without fighting in there.
                    When are you morons going to start fixing things instead of making more mess.


                    • CS war for S272


                      We can't get into cross server war. Since the beginning of that server, there has not been any possibility to enter the event.


                      • S 212

                        Fig the but: if you was attaked at the end of battle, battle end wile you was in fight, you can't get your rank reward. Before after end you press on te CS icon and can see Table with rewards. now It does not count the fight. On the screenshot you can see the cooldown timer before next fight, but i still have figth 3/3 on tooday.
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	Cs bug.jpg
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Size:	347.5 KB
ID:	1718175


                        • Fix this problem. You spend your time wile wait for fight begin, then spent time on fight. and if somebody attack you in the end, you get nothing. FIX it please.


                          • I will forward this issue. sorry for the inconvenience.
                            to file a ticket


                            • I have problems getting into cs. I can click queue along with my frinds. They get in a´but i'm stuck in the queue. The counter will go to 0 and nothing happens. I can click on it as many times as i like still not getting in. Once in a blue moon i might just get lucky and get to enter but it's moths betwin that happens. This was also a problem long before we merged servers.

                              Ign: RaveN
                              Server: S44 Serpents Guile now UA 43 after merger

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                              • it would be nice since its impossible to get the rewards of hot event for a cross server war if we are unable to do it some comp would be in order considering its the only way to achieve emblems in which is restricting total full potential of my character in everything else like expedition gauntlet world boss ect,,