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[Forum Event] Start the New Year the Right Way!

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  • I would like to thank all the R2Games developers for making such a good game, and to all the moderators in the forums and support stuf that helps everyone out,i would like to thank also to my family
    I love you all god bless you
    [S114] Raven's Gaol


    • i like this game very much. thank you to GM, they always talk active and guide a newbie to play this game. And also to member on my guild, no drama. they are awesome and funny .

      Silvia, S234 sunless sea


      • Ok thats a long list of people that i want to say thanks. First of all there is my mom and dad. I wish them well health and long years life. I love'em so much but sometimes forget to show my love to them. Hope i will be better in new year. Also thanks to all my friends that giving me support and a lot of funny minutes in last year. Sure we continue our friendship in this year. Big thanks to doctors that take care of me and my leg (yes, i broke my leg and its the reason why i start to play LoA - to have a pastime when i laying in the bed). Thanks to my guildmates especially to my ingame hubby - you are the best you know. Wish all people to be healthy, to be in love and have all year good and fun and forget all bad things they had in last year. Best of luck to all.

        S217 Burning valley - Samarra


        • happy birthday league of angels it is a great game i have had lots of fun playing this game and made a lot of friends online through this continue with the good work and hope to see a lot more free stuff and goodies from
          character name: doctor
          server: 185 - majestic rampart


          • I would like to thank everyone that made this game possible, I enjoyed many hours on it , I'd also like to thank my friends and family for being so awesome.



              Yunan S99


              • happy birthday leauge of angels

                AKKORESMOST Valley of Omens [s201]


                • Thanks for making it possible for us to spend a nice time playing, not always appreciated you enough
                  Server S313 Briarwall Forest


                  • Thanks for nice work on moderator and GM side,I would like to thank everyone that made this game possible, I enjoyed many hours on it

                    Server: S34 - Seraphim Warlord
                    Character: ScorpionKing


                    • Happy Birthday LOA!!!!

                      I would like to thank my guidmates for making this game fun and for all the laughs we've had playing!

                      DEATHEATER S39 Archangels


                      • hi R2, thank you so much for a great game site offering players a chance to obtain free diamonds just by doing offers... this just goes to show that other companies trust you as well. I just hope you give us more offers and increase the limit we can earn per day =). I enjoy League of angels now but i have played several games on your site as well and i must say ive enjoyed them too like wartune and crystal saga. congratulations once again and more POWER!


                        • thank you Alex for all the fun and support in the game if not you i wouldnt have been still playing thanks R2 for the merge that made me know Alex.

                          [S123] Aria of Dawn


                          • I would like to thank my family first for countless things
                            and i would also like to thank the people who made and maintain this game for providing such an awesome way to have fun. This game is awesome and it gives me a lot of enjoyment and helps me to forget all the stressful things in life while i play this game.

                            [s220] Sea of Kora


                            • I'm very very confused,cause this game i think very competitive game and very make me crazy
                              GM in this game very friendly and good moderator
                              for my self this game never make me bored,cause i'll always have fun in this game with my guild and my friends

                              Success for R2,GTarcade,and League Of Angels..Amin

                              Server : S235 - Amber Heath
                              Nickname Character : Beelzebub


                              • Happy anniversary to League of Angels, hope everyone has had a great time

                                S227 Grey Plains

                                Chief Keith