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[Forum Event] Start the New Year the Right Way!

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  • I am Taiwanese, in September 2014 began to play LOA, i not good English, and I feel very fun, thank you

    server : [S214] Great Crossroads
    char name : The 乂


    • thanks to all the developer and every one who's doing everything to make this game so awesome..And especially to all the people i met here whose always give a helping hand not only to co-guild but all the people in server 53-rockshard..

      Sophiafaye of [S53] Rockshard Road


      • Originally posted by R2CS_Amanda View Post
        Dear Heroes & Angels,

        The it's a brand new year and it's time to celebrate League of Angel's one year anniversary! First, we would like to express our sincere appreciation for all our wonderful players who have stuck with us through thick and thin. We know it's been rough at times, but we hope that in the coming year the game will continue to improve and provide hours upon hours of enjoyment for you all. If you have a special someone you'd like to begin the new year by thanking, encouraging, or simply reminding them you care let us know in the comments below! Now is the time to start the year out right!

        Reply to this thread from 2015.1.10 - 2015.1.25 based on the rules below to be rewarded.

        - Plagiarism is not allowed.
        - Replies that violate the R2 forum Rules will be deleted.
        - Be sure to include your character name and server in your reply.
        - Each character can only be rewarded once if s/he replies multiple times.
        - The rewards will be issued within 7 days after the event ends.

        • Enchanted Ore x300
        • Basic Energy Card (50) x1
        • Vouchers x500
        • Gold x1,000,000

        R2Games LoA Ops Team
        thanks very much for the present


        • Thank you GTarcade for LOA. It has been very enjoyable to play and I appreciate the GM's help with in-game issues. One of the few games that I have managed to hang around and continue to play. I think the devs have done a great job of providing many different events to keep you entertained. Happy Anniversary LOA Bjlas, [S229] Highwall Peaks


          • LOA getting really more competitive lately..cahier or none let it be..still wanna play for more..great work... A very Happy Anniversary League of Angels. s206,,NekYah


            • Thank you to all the R2 team with the constant support you give to this game, specially to all the artists that make this game so unique from other. Once again thank u and i will be looking forward for another year with you guys and give event very good
              hafid-[S203]-Eternal Towers


              • Thanks for nice work on moderator and GM side.

                server : seraphim warlord[S34]
                Character : matrixGamX


                • happy b-day LOA PARAIPAN S 56


                  • i would like to say thank you for making this game such a great game with plenty of good events and also that there is a chance for us to get all the wonderful mounts and angels its so much fun and such detailed artwork for the angels characters and mounts thank you to every single game dev Happy Birthday and heres to many more

                    Helena (s218)citadel of songs


                    • I'm really happy to play a very good game, I always look forward to each time waiting for your new event, thank you very much for your entire team

                      [S168] Felbrook Wendy


                      • happy birthday


                        • Happy birthday LOA!! Ty to all developers who made this fun game ;3 and to everyone else involved in keeping the game going and tnx to my bf who is my sensei in game
                          Hope 2015 is filled with even more fun :P

                          IGN: Tezia
                          Server: 103


                          • [S118] Evil's Bane

                            Char DeathWarrioR

                            Good job R2. and Happy anniversary.


                            • Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              server= S39 Archangel
                              Character = ioana


                              • I would like to thank my guild mates , we worked together like a team last year and i do hope will be the same this year also. Best regards for "Hells Gattes" from S[68].
                                Server : S68 [Bloodbane Crypt
                                Char name: Cindar3la