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[Forum Event] Start the New Year the Right Way!

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  • ty in advance, and i dare to make a simple sugestion : make it easyer and keep it easy for everybody guys..! TY again

    bramax , server 218 Citadel of Songs


    • Happy birthday LoA ^^ Thanks a lot R2 for all ! I love this game

      Server: [S227] Grey Plains
      Char name: Elvis


      • I would like to thank the whole of the R2Games for the games they have produced, LoA Has given me great friends and a great guild!
        Happy new Years R2!

        Server : [S115] - Hope Abandoned
        IGN - Alexpearson1


        • My Accolade

          Here is my thanks to those in my life who do not give up on me like my sister and nephews. Also just like to thank the developers for the quizes on Je-sus. My favorite quiz question that reminds me each time the Lord taught us the greatest thing was love. Well thanks guys and continue to enrich this hame even more. (Joran S5)


          • Happy Birthday to League of Angels!

            Server: [S223] Tolono Springs
            Name: LuC1FeR


            • HNY all!!!

              Braveheart, [S20] Fauna's Bounty


              • A happy anniversary for a fun game where you can meet players for companionship and fun, a nice pastime an interesting game with excellent moderators available and always active. Thanks for the time you give us and for events invented for us! Heartiest greetings
                Kleos [S227] Grey Plains


                • First time happy new year R2 en more enjoy to all players ... and staff a year as successful for us to be with the will as every year ....... GL

                  S222 - Cinderwood
                  name - JaNNa
                  :mad: JaNNa:(


                  • First I would like to thank God for the good health of my family and for saving me from a car accident. I missed two days log-in LoA. I would like to thank also my wife for believing all my alibi so I can attend hot events. My baby that I take care at home so I can play LoA. For the last. Thanks R2 for giving oppurtunity to meet new friends by playing LoA. Have fun everyone and Happy Birthday R2games.

                    from [S172] Jade Valley
                    King Kapre
                    Last edited by kingkapre; 01-10-2015, 07:35 AM. Reason: forget to greet


                    • Thanks R2Games for creating this addicting game!

                      Server: [S227] Grey Plains
                      Char name: Nemi


                      • Thank you for a great year of gaming Started with the beta and is so addicting

                        Amber Heath (S235)



                        • Thank you to R2 for the many hours of enjoyment i have had playing this game on the cold winter nights,and dayss when i have been off work. 2014 was a good year for the game, 2015 can only get better. Thanks again to R2 and many thanks to all the friends i have made to........happy and wonderful gaming in 2015.

                          Geoff of [231] Withering Fen.


                          • I just can say THANK YOU to R2, because with this game i feel not bored each day i have.

                            Server : [S228] Anvils Of Abar
                            Char : Yuuki


                            • Hello, I would like to thank the administration and development of the League of Angels!
                              The game is really fun and addictive to play it a lot of people from around the world with whom nice to talk to and quests!
                              Keep up the good work guys, improve, modify, invent a new game events!
                              Well done, thank you!

                              [S220] Sea of Kora


                              • New year with New start, New hope, and Happiness to all of you..Thank you Gm for your work hard....All the best Thank you

                                Server: S227 Grey Plains
                                Character: GenesiS