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[Forum Event] Start the New Year the Right Way!

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  • Thanks for nice people i met in game

    server [227] Grey Plains
    IGN: Janis


    • thank you for the game, and happy birthday, lot of good wishes.

      ASTHAROTH [S-194]


      • Thank you to my renewed RL family, I'm about to become a welcomed daddy for the third time later this month. There's a balance with RL and game life, so thank you for letting me play this game as much as I have been. Much love to you babe. Thank you to my guildies that have taught me much but also to these forum posts that have helped me learn about the game. I am looking forward to the coming year and the good ideas of game play that keep me coming back to play.

        Love to the server!
        S184 Poisonous Abyss


        • HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!! Thank you for every gift , and I hope you will be alwais a friend with a great heart !!!! I like this game and I dedicate a lot of time !!! Valythefox S 91


          • S218 Citadel of songs


            • I thank my family and friends for theier undying support.. thanks to the one who showed me LOA!!!

              Saira of Citadel of [S171] Hope


              • I would like say: wise you guys all the best and smile for always...hope you guys have a year with League and Angles with enjoy and fun time,...Thank you League of Angles. Thank you for your hard work and give us a fun time to help us release the stress...I love and really enjoy this game..

                Server: S227 Grey Plains
                Character: Sreyka


                • Thanks for everything you do, for the time spent nice.
                  Server: S83 Ash Cave
                  Character: Monetta


                  • ty all at r2 games / LOA its a fun game but very addictive


                    • Thank you very much R2 for the nice game and also thank moderators for the work

                      Asti..... Glitterhold forest (s209)


                      • I would like to thank my family and my friends for the good times and their everlasting support during gloomy times. I hope the new year treats those who are less fortunate better than the last year. And thank you very much R2 for the good work and shedding some fun on our path.

                        Server: [S232] Blood Reef
                        Character: Lady Aribeth


                        • Firstly i would like to thank GOD for the blessing, second for my family who support me, and lastly r2game for creating this game... IGN: Jewel SERVER:S199 westbridge pass or UA42


                          • Hello guys I want to say thanks for the Hard work you guys been doing and making better the game i was out for a while but when i came back wow so many new thing i never think the game would be so good good job and Happy Anniversary

                            Character name: NikiCross

                            Server: [S62] Reef Heights
                            Character Name: NikiCross

                            Server: [S62]Reff Heights



                            • The First of all i am glad to play this games I am Cambodia and this game can me know all friend all around the world with different language and national So I want to give thank and it is a great time with this game and with other friend for making us to has fun all the event

                              Nemosa of {S227** Grey Plains


                              • I would like to thank for all those who had enough patience to teach how to play this game and how to get stronger each day. Basically, Sodik and Serenity among others. Thank you again, and sorry for being such a pain in the *** lol.

                                BlueRaven [173] Crystal Pyramid