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League of Angels - Server Merges 4/20 [UPDATES!!!]

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  • League of Angels - Server Merges 4/20 [UPDATES!!!]

    Dear Heroes and Angels,

    After collecting your ideas on the server merge and evaluating the server dates, we decided to merge some servers below on April 20th at 4:00:00 EDT ( 16:00 GMT+8, 09:00 GMT, 01:00 PDT).

    Click image for larger version

Name:	merges 4-20.png
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Size:	139.3 KB
ID:	1781526


    - ua76 will be renamed ub41

    Click image for larger version

Name:	1.png
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Size:	2.5 KB
ID:	1781538

    - ua84 will be renamed ua76

    Click image for larger version

Name:	2.png
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Size:	2.6 KB
ID:	1781539

    Servers will be shut down for about 5 hours. Please see below for server merge details:

    Multiple Characters
    Multiple characters for one account will not be combined with each other, your character remains with whichever server you login to access him/her.
    For example, suppose S1 merges with S2 and you have a character on each. When you login to S1, your character will be whichever character you had before on S1; and the same for when you login to S2.

    Character Name & Guild Name
    1. When there are two or more character names that are similar, each of the characters will be given a suffix (e.g.: Marina.S1). These players will receive a Name Change Card via mail.
    2. When there are two or more guild names that are similar, each of the guilds will be given a suffix (e.g.: Rex.S1). The guild leaders will receive a Name Change Card via mail.

    Information Reserved
    All players' information will remain the same as the server you were previously in (rankings not included).

    1. Account Reset: Offline for 7 days or more; level 15 and below (Lvl. 15 included); no VIP subscription.
    2. Zodiac Rankings Reset. Challenge the Zodiac after the merge to rank among the great!
    3. Team Arena Rankings Reset. Uncollected rewards obtained from Team Arena will be sent to the player via mail.
    4. Clash of Might Rankings Reset. Uncollected rewards obtained from Clash of Might will be sent to the player via mail.
    5. Points Reset. Uncollected rewards obtained from Tidal Pool, Gemology and Raiders will be sent to the player via mail.
    6. Rankings Record Reset. Uncollected rewards obtained from Wyrm Race, Gemology and Tidal Pool will be sent to the player via mail.
    *All Ranking records (Clash of Might, Team Arena) will be reset after the merge.

    Hot Events
    Hot events in merged servers will be reset after the merge; however, rewards from existing events are still retrievable.

    We apologize for any and all inconvenience this may cause you. Please check the new Dec. 3rd Server Merge Events with huge amounts of rewards we are preparing!

    Thanks again for your understanding, and we hope to see you in game!

    R2Games LoA Ops Team

    Official Site:

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    No To Merge

    Would it be possible not to merge UB14 yet??? or if not, you can merge UA64 with UB13. you can get a lot more $$$ in doing so...
    Last edited by R243866033; 04-19-2016, 02:25 AM. Reason: Suggestion


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      How in the hell are you going to merge s216 with s17? how is that a fair merge... you ignorant morons O.o

      is it too damn hard for you morons to just puts servers together who started around the same time?

      i see s222 s218 s212 in the list also for example...

      This again just shows how r2games is trying to get rid of their costumers instead of helping them!!!!
      Last edited by NickstarNL; 04-19-2016, 02:52 AM. Reason: cuz i say so


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        I am a little worried about the merge but it should be fine. Thank you.
        Last edited by River85; 04-19-2016, 04:42 AM.


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          Dear R2 Staff please postpone this merge. Doing it now is all kinds of wrong.

          1) Angel's Party event is running. What will happen to server exp bar and to point count for personal Point Rewards? I'm guessing they'll both be reset, causing everyone to lose a lot of rewards.

          2) The merge will reset points in Starry Dream and we had no chance to spend them before knowing the merge would happen. I have something like 2100 points stored in Starry Dream, and I don't really dig the idea that saving should be discouraged because of surprise merges.

          3) How comes up the decision to merge a server?
          We're between 20-30 people left on S227, and I'm guessing those in favor of or against a merge are about equally split (I'm against it).
          We get a Mentor dropping by every so often to check if we're alive, but none of them ever asked us about a merge. The Last Mentor that visited S227 a few weeks ago got no replies to his/her greetings because he/she came at a time no Daily Task was happening, but surely by looking at the periodic events going on he/she must have seen there was a decent amount of players ranked.
          So did anyone actually request to merge us?

          Considering the urgency of the situation I will submit a ticket with these concerns as well.

          It's hard to think R2 and GTA are run by humans with the ongoing succession of arbitrary and counterproductive decisions. It's like trains in auto pilot with no one on board. For once a human reply and point of view on how things are actually handled would be very much appreciated.

          S227 - SYAMEIMARU


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            Dont merge ua45! We are already a lot on server !!!!


            • #7
              In the middle of an ongoing server-wide 7 day event? Yeah, that's not going to make you popular around here.


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                Thank you , finally .


                • #9
                  The ppl who put this together are just completely braindead.... merging old servers with new servers...


                  • #10
                    The timing is amazing,in the middle of the carnival and other events....also i really hope that time zones and server time will stay same as before.thx


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                      Originally posted by R2_Cinney View Post

                      After collecting your ideas on the server merge and evaluating the server dates, we decided to merge some servers below
                      as far as i know nobody on ua45 requested or wanted a merge


                      • #12
                        ub16, we got merge 1 month ago with 2 server, really why do we need 1 more merge stop our merge asp


                        • #13
                          It might be just that they are reducing cost of hosting servers so they can host LoA2...

                          I have mixed feeling about my server (210) getting merged, but considering it's only a first merge, it shouldn't be al too bad... I just don't get the merge with s91, which is quite much older then our own.
                          And as other stated, the timing is just wrong, you should have 1 day with no immportant events for merges like this and announce it soon enough with adding Starry Dream event 5-7 days prior to actual merge or just return the points after merge since accesing data about it shouldn't be too hard.
                          I also wonder how many servers are actually there that didn't get merge at this point, seems like this one is a tad bit too forced.
                          S210 Fiery Citadel
                          Nick Peyp


                          • #14
                            dont merge while tycoon!!!!!


                            • #15
                              you will miss it up like u did before