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System Update 6/25 - New Hero: Earthshaker!

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    I cant believe by the time being and after 5 Cash Angels on a row and 4 Cash heros on a row... Still there were people who hoped this be a Free hero? lol Seriously you are Believers!


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      I'm complaining that they run cross server events that are impossible to win because they don't release the content fast enough and they favor the older servers too much.


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        Originally posted by CinDyLo View Post
        I'm complaining that they run cross server events that are impossible to win because they don't release the content fast enough and they favor the older servers too much.
        Again I say to you after you have played a few more months then complain. They don't release content fast enough for you is what you are saying. To players who have been here it would be unfair to suddenly give new players a fast road to what took them months to gain. You came in late so now do you expect special treatment to help you catch up to people who have played since the beginning?


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          Why even play a game you can never win because you are forever 6 months behind or have to pay over $10,000 to catch up to a free player on in every category.
          For example Aegis shards, starting 6 months late means having to pay $1134, at best, if you can even do it with the limited events compared to a free player at the same Aegis shard level. But we are competing with other cashers who get the same events we do and are ahead on them, so we can never catch up to them if they play properly and they do.

          It is exactly the same as being #1 on the server, you can gradually increase your gap and no one can stop you dominating so you get better prizes and stay ahead. Imagine trying to play on a server with giving everyone a 6 month head start. Why would you do that? Same reason, why is there a prize event for who has been playing the longest? If you think it is even remotely fair or a good game I challenge you start over on S1 and try to win.

          Look at the format of the Angel world cup people have to restart to be fair. It's all screwed by how linear the game design is, all of this game is like that, a scheduled sales process with no thought about player wanting to compete or enjoy it.
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            Why don't you go find a new game to play Cindy....instead of filling the forums here with complaints about how you can't be #1 in a month........

            IGN: MizUndrstd
            Server: s4
            Guild: HelloKitty


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              Originally posted by CinDyLo View Post
              IT comes down to milking and reusing their minimal investments in content, reusing the same art multiple times, having basic story lines that have no choices, having simple GUI and not much player skill. Having very basic PVP graphics and gameplay. Limiting events scope and design. Making fights 1 number 3 seconds. It all sucks a bit really. Completely unbalance cross server events that ignore the head start older servers have on new ones. I mean it's just careless customer service. New players spend massive $ on the game to find that they are up against people, even free people who have a 3 months+ head start, who take over all the competitive events and steal the best rewards based on the factor of when they started playing. Why not limit cross server to 10 servers either way of the server you started on ie. within 2 weeks start of each other for events.. that would just be too sensible?

              OR you fear people just rent seeking for the cheapest server to get the top spots on? that happens anyway and once people commit to spending $1000's of dollars they don't want to move anywhere. People will initially economically go ok I can get elite item a b c for $x on x server and look around for the best deal before they start but who cares they will pay for something twice if they think its long term cheaper? maybe you get double sales from the same people server skipping. So anyway when you give all the older servers massive royal marks and some elite items and cherub stones for just being higher BR in events you are only alienating new casher paying players who spend just as much per event. I do like the idea of cross server events, but it is unreasonable to put S1 6 months ahead in with S190 and call it a competition with equal rewards that is CRAZY and it's nearly impossible to compete properly like that because the investment is TIME and MONEY not just money..

              Also why I have no access anywhere to an event or way to get hecate as a new player that is just @!$$@! unreasonable to deny access to any part of the game strategy based on length of time playing. I'm VIP 7, top on my server, I'm lvl 61 with 26 days play time im 8-2 spire and up to Aquarius in aegis. My server can't compete in team tournament even with the top 5 players in the same team for example, we used the crappy mechanisms of cheering and max buffs, it doesn't help when you up against double BR 90% of the time there is no 'skill' factor that can fix that gap especially considering the high BR players are good players to.
              So you are one of those who want free things fast enough?

              Hell, i been here for 5 months now? Tell me more how you got aqua 1 month prior to starting to play It took me personaly 4 1/2 month to get it from the start.
              Freebies already get a lot of **** from get go, gem enchantment, runes, dragon souls, equiptment enchanment etc. What else you want? Hecate and Earthshaker? on the day they launch?

              Reading your posts i understand what you wanna say and what message you spread, but you have been around month only. There have been posts opened and forgotten about freebies asking some free stuff. They dont care, they ( GTarcade ) have their own business model, that means $$$ and that's it. Only suggestion i ever seen they actually changed was that when guild bosses came out, they changed it to vouchers (1st boss) before it was with diamonds.

              They ( GTarcade) changed some free rubys ( in chinese version ) to HoC heroes here. They are aware their loss in cash flow. Why else you think they launch rapidly servers? they get their biggest part from new server events (up to 60k per week, per server) And that is the cost of employees and servers etc what ppl named out here. They dont care about older server, they move on.

              Sadly this game takes HUGE leap into $$$ after lv 61+. Then it gets really stale, no new nothing for freebies. You cope with situation and enjoy beating cashers. That's pretty much what i do.


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                Because of the sunk cost Miz18, you spend $ then you want value. Until you realise it's not even worth staying and then leave.


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                  this char is full of damage..
                  “Men trust God by risking rejection. Women trust God by waiting.”


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                    Cool but hope time for house of cards been extendend for a more a week maybe


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                      First of all this is a Browser mmorpg which is free to play but pay to win, if you pay attention ALL of these games cater to the Whales if you are not spending alot of money you will get no where. So, you GET OVER IT and GET OVER yourself omfg wasting so much space on forums with a stupid complaint CindyLo maybe you should go play Hello Kitty might be better suited for you.