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[Forum Event] Fireside Tales: As Told by You

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    just then the wolf guardian appears to avenge his fallen kin, The hero with drawn sword prepares himself for what could be his final battle. He turns to the wolf guardian and yells "lets end this quickly" as he darts towards the beast preparing to deliver a devastating blow to the neck of the wolf, When a mysterious warrior caped in black interrupts his attack blocking his sword with his own sword, The mysterious warrior utters quietly "I cant let you do that young hero"...

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      vampire back for ridding in night wait for human when he talking about freesh blood.
      and werewolf son of god, son of angel creating by animal have some like to play with them.

      IGN = Flamel
      Server = [S195] Fox's Inn


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        The mysterious warrior remove his caped, and the young hero shocked cause this mysterious hero is his father who killed his whole home town and a traitor from his family the young hero paled and scared and his legs are shaking, " this is not true" then his father said "we meet atlast my spoiled brat son"

        IGN: Rovin1234
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          The wind sent chills down the spines.

          IGN: Harumi
          Server: S36 Fallen Angels


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            story mus go on....
            Last entry:

            catched hell fire in blid eyes of little girl. Yes, she was blind, but infernal fire was glowing red in her eyes. Hot and sharp...


            Fire exploded into eyes of magician, entered inside, burning out all defensive spells, all his skills, going straight to the heart, exploding here..... with sharp feeling : "I remember".
            Yes, he was once young, full of passion and love. All this he sacrificed for knowledge and power. And from his burning eyes started to run warm tears.
            The same tears which he was well hiding when said the last "Good Bye" for his beloved.
            In one blink of eye he lived alternate live - full of passion and love. He learned, what he lost.
            His life.

            Petka Max
            Server 102


            • #36
              But it was not the end. Fire hit again and he felt on his knees.
              He saw in his heart that this little blind girl is his daughter, which he was loving and caring as precious jewel in his alternative life.
              He lost everything. All. Himself.

              Petka Max
              Server 102


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                - Let's go - he felt warm hand on his burnig head, - go .... father.
                Speechless he went out of tavern guided by blind girl.
                Only he was able to see light coming from he eyes.

                Petka Max
                Server 102


                • #38
                  A light that was not natural. An otherwordly beauty emanated from her... like she was an angel or something..

                  IGN: Chicken
                  Server: s153 Zephyr's Rage


                  • #39
                    an angel she might be in the human world ...such beauty and softness can only be described as angelic and heavenly...whats this feeling he asked himself!!!!!

                    server 102 Cool Bay


                    • #40
                      while on their way off the tavern the father then finally realized this is the moment, a moment where he could makes thing right for everyone. so, a peaceful and family of werewolves and vampire will reunite and love each other again. fix what has been broken so long ago. Father said to his daugther "I need to speak to the wolf leader, and tell what happened, why these unwanted war begun, this is our only chance to reunite" " guide me to the wolves leader my beloved daugther"


                      Sylvias copse


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                        a waitress passed by with a seemingly tempting smile, which diverted his attention for a moment. and just like that, when he looked back at the corner, it was empty.. and the howling cold wind began tear through the night again..

                        IGN : AERIALS
                        Server : 81-Wingblaze ALtar


                        • #42
                          After feeling the unease of the cold winds, He then approached the barkeep in need of shelter for the night ~ The barkeep gestured to him that he should try somewhere else and that he was not welcome here anymore..

                          IGN: Snowae
                          Server S107 Trail of Vines


                          • #43
                            He silently moved out from there without causing any trouble. Not knowing where to go next he simply moved in the direction of wind just so that the cold wind does not hit his face.

                            IGN : Apple
                            Server : S145 Quills of Acherion


                            • #44
                              And thus our desperately and still dreaming mage met his first angel.
                              The continents around the great sea were inhabited by beings ranging from djinni to corporal ghosts, all with more or less magic within their souls, though few were spared from the taint which came with the ancient and mysterious magic of the gods and titans. Humans vainly thought themselves to be too good to have to deal with the corruption brought about by using it, resulting in many lives taken by dark creatures which embraced and harnessed it’s energies, while some turned to the vampires and werewolves in madness. The last humans survived with aid from allies.
                              Most people would have wished that they indeed had an guardian angel, to guard against the world filled with races of monstrously powerful inhabitants. They could care less if the angel was indeed a holy being, for they would have only valued the angel for its power... or other reasons. But not this mage - Not completely a human himself, he was also able to manipulate magic with ease, and was neutrally accepted when greeting werewolf or vampire alike. During his travels, the keenness of his human mind observed the interesting workings of this world, while he emotionally empathized to the plight of these living, fragile curiosities.
                              Tonight, he dreamed again that he was but an outsider, intruding into their lives, bringing along the combined weight of all that he had witnessed, and death.


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                                the rumor say, this young man have both werewolf and vampire bloodline. apppearantly he is born from this 2 race which have been exiled from their tribe. grow up in care of, the retired battlemage from old kingdom and teach him some of art of magic. untill he released after become adult enough, and seeking the true path , what is the meaning of his dream which always happen while he is sleeping...

                                IGN : Ryusei

                                server: Alecta Triumph s14
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