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[Forum Event] Fireside Tales: As Told by You

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    who have been training for all of his life. Then suddenly a gust of wind flew into his wand and create an epic power.

    <Server 206>


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      ... and there a shadow appeared and from a thin shade of light never know who or what it is just watching and guarding you sleep and vanished in the thin air without a trace....

      IGN: striker lady
      server: S128 knight's Honor
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        A knight who had been sleeping in the corner with his ale next to his head slowly lifts his head from the table. Watching everything going on he jumps up and unsheaths his sword ready to...

        IGN: Kerrianna
        Server: S4 Lunaria's Grace
        Guild: StrawHats


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          slash the waitress for overcharging him...but instead sticks the steely blade into the archer who so unceremoniously placed an apple on his head while he was sleeping and then shot it with an arrow much to the delight of the tavern crowd. The archer lay in a pool of blood...his life force draining from him....and he uttered his last words which were......

          IGN: MizUndrstd
          Server: s4
          Guild: HelloKitty


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            "gasping he utters The Wolf, The W o l f." The Knight then looks around the tavern with its dull light and comes to rest upon a Purplish wolf with eyes of green that pierce his soul.........

            IGN: Erathade
            Server: S4 Lunaria's Grace
            Guild: Strawhats


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              ''I shall be revenged!'' -with his dieing breath his grasp on the chain necklace of his guardian angel slipped, forever a soul lost to the endless void..

              IGN: Gaia
              [S207] Vaporous Citadel
              Guild: Angelic Ruin
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                Why i need to replay all my Hero in server 14 ? ? ? ?


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                  and then suddenly a mysterious woman appeared, and one of the wolf recognize her, saying " Oh! she was the legendary half vampire half wolf, the strongest living creature, thats "Claire", and then all the people on tavern was shock. not knowing that Claire will appear unexpectedly, and when she removed her cloak all creatures were amazed of her beautiful appearance and admire her.

                  IGN : Claire
                  Server: S89 Woodway Heights


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                    except for the dwarf who followed her into the tavern and split "Claire" into 2 pieces with his battle axe. He walked up to the bar as if nothing happend with rubies of blood dripping off his battle axe he says "Ale Barkeep and a rag to wipe this mutation of mother nature off me axe."

                    IGN: Kerriana
                    Server: S4 Lunaria's Grace
                    Guild: StrawHats


                    • #55
                      the dwarf didnt notice her ability to regenerate and make her come back to life again. and when she's fully recovered she said to dwarfs 'im immortal' no one can kill me, and then she kill all dwarfs with a blink of an eye.

                      IGN: Claire
                      Server: S89


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                        and thats how the strongest living creature Claire aka Camel died...she holds the record for the strongest living creature who died in a single blow!!

                        IGN: Bane
                        Server: [s89] Woodway Heights
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                          But no..she didnt die....Claire the Immortal did revieve again. Looking at the corpses of the dwarfs she just killed. That will show you, dont mess with me!!! She turns around and walks to..

                          IGN: Kaily
                          Server S111
                          Guild: Kronos


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                            the bar to order a gingerbeer. When the mage who has been sitting at the bar and is not impressed with her lifts his wand and turns her into a toad and exlaims "This spell will never be undone til you learn humility young lady" Claire sitting on the barstool now in an immortal toad form lets out a small croak. "croooooaaak" then hops off and leaves the bar.

                            IGN: Kerriana
                            Server: S4 Lunaria's Grace
                            Guild: StrawHats


                            • #59
                              Mag sat at the bar a little drank gingerbeer and went to the Rooms adventure ....

                              IGN Zoizberg
                              Server: S124 Prience of Hope
                              Guild: Aliance


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                                Originally posted by R246518381 View Post
                                while on their way off the tavern the father then finally realized this is the moment, a moment where he could makes thing right for everyone. so, a peaceful and family of werewolves and vampire will reunite and love each other again. fix what has been broken so long ago. Father said to his daugther "I need to speak to the wolf leader, and tell what happened, why these unwanted war begun, this is our only chance to reunite" " guide me to the wolves leader my beloved daugther"


                                Sylvias copse


                                - No need, father. We heading to place where they are waiting for us.

                                Place was ... of course graveyard. Old one. Among dark shadows there stood two silent figures, full of hate and anger.
                                They stood nearby gravestone, silent and waiting.
                                Only on glance at old stone and magician understood everything everything - what, why and, most important - what to do.
                                There was buried his love.
                                He must to change - change everything.
                                He put all his knowledge, all his power to the last spell. He wanted to transform all hate, all anger to ..... but he understood that his power and knowledge is not enough. Most important ingredient of spell is missing. Love.
                                At this moment he felt small hand of child in his hand. Soft and warm. Full of devotion. And love.
                                Earth was shaking, enormous ball of light exploded.
                                He opened his eyes.
                                White bedsheets. Room, full of warm morning light.
                                And - his love still sleeping beside him.
                                On the floor there was laying sleepy dog - a bit resembling wolf.
                                On the ceiling - of course - bat.
                                And in the light, filling the room it was shining smile of angel.
                                Angel which have to come to his life. Amora.
                                He gently kissed his wife.