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[Forum Event] Fireside Tales: As Told by You

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  • [Forum Event] Fireside Tales: As Told by You

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    A tradition stemming back through the ages, fireside legends are an intriguing and exciting way for warriors of old to pass down history, folklore, and all the tales of old. Now, it’s your turn. So come one, come all and weave a tale of power, fate, magic and mystery and all the in-betweens!

    Duration: 8/1 - 8/6

    Description: Let’s weave a tale together! We’ll kick-off the adventure with a simple intro sentence (see below), and all of you will continue making a legendary story. Use whatever story post that was writing prior to your own to keep the story flowing from person to person for as long as we possibly can.

    As always, there must be rules.
    • You must keep to the theme of the story; any non-story related/inappropriate posts will be removed.
    • Posts must contain at least 7 words to count.
    • Every qualifying post will receive a participation reward. (Make sure your IGN and Server are included in your post!)
    • There will be no flaming of other’s posts.
    • Each character can only be rewarded once.

    Participation Rewards
    • Synth Scroll x100
    • Basic Energy Card (10) x2

    Introductory Sentence
    The firelight within Black Rose Tavern cheerfully danced across the beaten walls. Suddenly, a gust of chilled air swept through the room as the tavern’s door was flung open and in stumbled a bedraggled and frenzied mage…

  • #2
    The exhausted mage hobbled along tables filled with werewolves and vampires playing chess together towards the old, wooden bar, fell down hard on the nearest barstool and immedeatly wanted to order a crispy dragon omelet for his cockatrice, when his eyes fell on a very recognizable shape in one of the bar's dark corners.

    IGN: Tauriel
    Server: [S202]Warlord's Haven
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    • #3
      Could it really be who he thought it was? Could she really be here now? In this ramshackle tavern? The mage stared at her for a minute until.....

      IGN: MizUndrstd
      Server: s4
      Guild: HelloKitty


      • #4
        a waitress passed by with a seemingly tempting smile, which diverted his attention for a moment. and just like that, when he looked back at the corner, it was empty.. and the howling cold wind began tear through the night again..

        IGN: Sieghart
        Server: S89 - Woodway Heights


        • #5
          when a rugged werewolf walked up to the mage. It seems Estrella Wildfire does not like people who are after her. May I inquire what it is she took this time?
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          “Life is nothing without a little chaos to make it interesting.”


          • #6
            she took a glass of wine...and the vampire starts staring to her...could it be love and something??

            Server:s107 trail of vines


            • #7
              but no... there is no love, just the blood running through his body, passing around his heart, she was alive! his beating heart was beautiful, only that. The vampire doesn't feel any feeling, not yet...

              IGN: Hamish
              Server: 191 Dread Island
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              • #8
                But, yet he did have feelings of love for himself as he remembered the past and the days when he would stare at himself for hours in the mirror. He then heard a faint noise it sounded...

                IGN: Kerriana
                Server: 4 Lunaria's Grace
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                • #9
                  like a familiar sound... but this time the sounds gives him chill to his bones and made his whole body shiver....

                  IGN: Chanzi
                  Server: 4 Lunaria's Grace


                  • #10
                    The werewolf was only watching as the vampire seemed to be in tune with some strange preoccupation. With a small gruff, the werewolf aimed to regain his attention.

                    IGN: Liahime
                    Server: S144 Piratical Parlay


                    • #11
                      It was the sound that would make anyone's heart beat and thump its way to their throats.The sound of an arrow stretching the bow string to its limits,it was right behind him and he could easily sense the murderous intent of someone with a cold heart of shooting him in the back...

                      IGN: Meruto
                      Server: S193 Sea of Issas


                      • #12
                        He knows for sure that time like this will come sooner or later, a small smile touched his lips, then in a sudden. . .

                        IGN : iceshardz
                        Servr : S193 Sea of Issas


                        • #13
                          frustration in his mind thinking what he did wrong in the past, questioning himself if he can ever make it right? could this be the right time?.... he take a deep breath

                          Blade Lady

                          Sylvias copse


                          • #14
                            and decides to look the person in the eyes and to face the one who dares to put him in this situation,but as he starts to turn a faint but familiar scent carried by the wind reaches his hose and the flash back begins to a time when

                            server :68 bloodbane crypt


                            • #15
                              there was no war between the two clans "Silver Wolfs" and "Thirsty Vampires" and they worked together as family before the clans started to have fights for fresh food when the "Yellow Death" kicked in at 1793 when the humanity was in danger. The rage between there families was...

                              IGN : juNk
                              Server : UA14
                              Lord 'de la juNk'