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  • Mystery of Mystery stones

    I really don't know why I don't get mystery stones most of the time from elite monsters & monsters .... I haven't got a single stone from 2 * lvl 70 elite-monster & 1 * lvl 80 elite-monster . Not even from 3 * lvl 80 monsters also . So Can you guys explain the story behind it . I wanna get the info why I'm not getting stones .

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    Totally random as to whether you get mystery stones drop or not from monsters or elites.
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      Agreed, they drop so randomly, one monster you could get nothing, and then the next you get x5 mystery stones x 2. It's so weird xD
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        elite is either stone x 5 (?) or x 0, so not strange if you got 0 from 3 elite
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          Personally, I sometimes feel that its a conspiracy to prevent us from getting the mount *nods nods, shifty eyes* Though the others are correct in that it is truly random on whether or not they will drop and when they will drop. *gives Halloween cookies*
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            But it's seriously awful when 3 * elite & 3 * monster don't drop stones .....


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              That is nothing... i made a hunting where only the boss droped MS, and the most wird thing was that gave me double drop, 8MS plus 10 or 12 idr MS more.
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