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suggestion for sacred fire temple

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  • suggestion for sacred fire temple

    The recently released sacred fire temple is interesting, but it has a big problem, for I most recent three attempts, I was entered after event start, but still have 15 mins before event closed, but unfortunately one team already earn too much points, so it finished earlier after 2 or 3 mins later. I tried to make some kill, but all three attempts were finished 1 second before I killed other players, those kills didn't count as win, so I didn't earn any honor at all, my three attempts were wasted. Could you make some change about the rule, so we won't be assigned to battleground that almost finish? Thank you.

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    Sadly, and I do mean sadly, you will appear in the first battleground that has room. So if a field is 15/15 or 14/15 and another is 4/4 you would wind up in the main field instead of the secondary. With Sacred Fire it is not a case of lasting the full time period, its a lot like the scoring in cross server guild battle. First team to the point mark wins. I know this seems incredibly unfair and I hope they will consider a change for it in the future, because thos rewards are critically important and its hard enough to make honour as it is.
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      basicly, how it is now, dont join any time from xx:00 to xx:10 as latest. especially if you arent a 300-400k player.


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        Sometimes, you just can't make it as soon as it started, today I was assigned to a room that just about to finish. It just ended 1 second after I entered, I don't even see the battle field.