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this is incredible

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    Originally posted by Mentor_Alex View Post
    Am I not sure what to say about the crit,since the formula hasn't been made official.The only think I could say is that I hope you will be able to crit more soon.
    Regarding the black dots,they did get removed if you are using the mini client,so you should try it out,I find that it also works better.
    Have a nice day.
    I would love to use the mini client, Mentor_Alex, but it isn't available on kongregate. They say primary issue is security. I can understand that, but it sure sucks in 4 vs 4 arena when people from platforms that have mini client seem to be lag free and double, even triple hit me and my team.

    As far as crit rate goes, it's very luck based, so kind of hard to tell. Seems to be in proportion to BR; as I get stronger, I find that same crit rate gets worse and worse. I've also noticed in PvP that when fighting people higher BR than me, their crit works more reliably than mine, even when my crit stat is higher. I also notice I'm more likely to get a lot of crits when I'm fighting someone that I already 1-3 hit than when I fight someone closer to my own BR. It's happened too much to be coincidence.


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      Originally posted by kimwong View Post
      just go to my post about 3-5 sky trail and there is my char stat!

      crit stat well you can replace by HP, block, defense or something else

      personaly I like Fate/Zero more atm~ (don't like useless male character all the time like SAO ki_ _to >_>)
      nice stats. and hows your crit rate with 70k+ patk and 12k crit?


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        Originally posted by Alinshinoby View Post
        nice stats. and hows your crit rate with 70k+ patk and 12k crit?
        I am good with it in both PvP and PvE
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        IGN: Kimwong
        CLASS: Knight
        PLAYER TYPE: Light casher
        BATTLE RATING: 300K - 420K range
        Casual playing now, not gonna spend too much time


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          Recently reduced my crit stat and seen no decrease in crit rate telling me I had too much. 385k br with 12k crit.


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            I had 24k crit and reduced it to 14k absolutely no difference in crit rate in pvp or pve
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              Originally posted by LyNxEfecT View Post
              I had 24k crit and reduced it to 14k absolutely no difference in crit rate in pvp or pve
              try to make your crit value about 15-20% of your attack if knight or m.attack if mage
              having lag? in-game problems? JUST BUY MORE BALENS


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                I just dropped my crit from 13.5k down to 11.2k. Have yet to see if it makes a difference in pve. I can say it doesn't look like there's a difference on WB, my delphics still only crit maybe 50% of the time.

                Edit: Nope .... a noticeable difference, my crit sucks even more now.
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