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  • Events!

    Hi. Is there any info about future events with those Coin of Ancestry ? Because i got few days ago 1 coin, and from that opened chest day after day more than 20 per day and no coins. Sad. i see alot ppl open 1 Glass Slipper from event and get coin. realy? 1 box? wonder what is the drop rate at those kind of items . My post maybe is stupid, but i want to know if is there any posible event with those coins or i can sell it. Thanks!
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    so far, nobody knows. we can just hope that's an event who will last (perhaps forever)
    the name itself (coin of the ancestry) make me hope it's there for newer server to have a chance to get the rewards who exist long time ago.
    but it's only a guess
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      We sadly never know in advance if or when there is another exchange coming. I truly wish we did as it would make it so much easier to tell if its worth trading them or saving them. As for the drop rate, they are abysmally random. I watched last night during the mount refinement/enhancement event.. someone get eleven coins.. yet I have gotten an entire one int he last 9 days. it doesn't seem to favour or have preference to any level or class, its just pure dumb luck in a nutshell
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        ok thank you for reply
        I come from a world that you don't understand!