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  • level gem transposer

    Where do I get a level 5 gem transpoer I did all the MPD's til nm and i didnt get 1
    I read it off wartune wiki stuck with lvl4 gems and i dont want to buy one cause im saving baleens for lvl6,7,8,9
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    Buy from shop with bound balens.


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      void nm i think or god nm
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        think you get the lvl 5 ones when you complete solo campaigns but dont know if they changed it now. I got up to a 6 when I completed mine way back when, I think
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          I believe the drop of this was removed when one of the older patches came into effect. Since this has happened I have not seen any of the transposers drop any longer. If I am mistaken I am fairly sure someone will come around and correct me though, after all I am only human. Sorry
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            I can't say if the quests still exist or not, but it was single-player campaign quests that gave the transposers originally. 75 bbs is really cheap these days though, so it wouldn't be too surprising if they just took out those quest rewards.